Monday, January 11, 2010

Spring Preview Review: Zoya Reverie Adina Nail Polish

My dark moody polish hues of fall and winter have been pushed aside to make room for my new fun spring colours! I'm always excited when Zoya announces a new collection - you'll be sure to fall in love with a new shade that you'll wear over and over. Zoya Reverie collection is my favourite Spring collection so far (thanks for sending!).

Zoya Reverie in Adina

The metallic finish is edgier than its cream finish sister. The spring collections I've seen so far are a bore compared to Reverie. Zoya has taken a simple red or pink and added a metallic finish that kicks it up a notch creating a really unique shade.

I love the whole collection but my favourite (possibly of all time!) has to be Adina. Making it a duo-chrome shade was brilliant because it is a really unique colour - one I've never seen or tried at least. My swatch really doesn't do Adina justice but you can see the different layers of violet, blue, green and sometimes gold in there. This is one shade I'll probably be wearing out in the months to come!

On a side note - my Zoya Armour Top Coat was getting a little thick and hard to apply. I forgot I had my Zoya Renew Polish Rejuvenator stashed away and unopened. I added a few drops of this baby and my top coat was golden! You can add this to any old polish and make them new again. How sweet is that?

Zoya Spring 2010 Reverie collection is available January 2010. Sampler set retails for $36 USD and sold separately $7 USD.

Will be posting more swatches soon - stay tuned!

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