Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 12: 14 Good-For-You Lippies For Valentine's Day!

Another Makeup Junkie favourite from Tarte Cosmetics for Day 12!

Tarte Cosmetics Double Dose Berry Boost & Gloss in Acai Boost ($21 USD): I became a fan of these glosses 2 years ago when Tarte first launched them. Made with only the best skinvigorating ingredients, this gloss gives you a double dose of rich colour and shine to rejuvenate your lips! 

Acai Boost is my new favourite from the line. This sheer sparkling raspberry really compliments my complexion. The colour really pops and is all the makeup you really need when wearing this shade. The colour is more pigmented than your average gloss and is rich in texture. My lips stay moisturized for hours and the colour lasts through a couple glasses of wine and even dinner. Once it wears off the colour becomes a nice stain. 

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Have you tried this lip gloss? Love it? Hate it? Want it?

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K said...

I just started using Go Go Goji- it's been great so far!

Scarlett said...

Ooh, I love glosses that actually have colour! So many look pretty in the tube, but apply clear as glass! :( I'll definitely give Tarte a shot.

xoxo, Scarlett

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