Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hope For Haiti Sponsor Profile: Mary Kay

Today we feature the one cosmetic line that empowers women to take charge of their own career, Mary Kay!

Mary Kay: When I think Mary Kay I picture the mother from Edward Scissorhands; decked out in a Pepto-pink 60's uniform carrying a Pepto-pink makeup case full of creams, correctors and lipsticks. Well, in a previous post we've discovered it's "not your grandmother's makeup anymore"! 

Mary Kay Ash built her company with a passionate, can-do attitude and is one of the world's leading business women in history. She has allowed many women to take charge of their careers and experience success on their own terms. I think all of us know at least one woman who is a Mary Kay representative! 

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Thank you to the wonderful team at Mary Kay for your generous donation!


Well, the event is just around the corner and I'm getting pretty excited! We cannot wait to meet everyone! If you have sent your confirmation to Rhia then you should have already received information about the location. Thank you for everyone's support - lets do our part! All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. :)

For more information on Hope For Haiti please visit our Facebook event page here

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