Saturday, March 27, 2010

Makeup 101: Bridal Beauty

Photo credit:
MU: Joy David-Tilberg

Wedding season has begun! My bridal beauty philosophy has always been radiant, flawless, timeless and naturally you but better. You don't want to look back at your wedding photos ten years from now and think, "What was I thinking?". 

Trying to decide on the right look for you can be difficult. Many look at the celebs for inspiration, but in the end you want to decide on a look that will suit you. You also want makeup that isn't fussy and will need multiple touch-ups throughout the day. Keep in mind, your wedding makeup will be a bit stronger to compensate for lighting in the photographs. So, don't be alarmed if you're wearing more blush than usual. A skilled makeup artist will know how to make those cheeks pop while making it appear like you're glowing from within. 

Check out my sister site, Makeup 'n The Bride, for different bridal looks. Learn how to achieve a glowing, blushing bride look in my latest post featuring the lovely Lauren from LIFT Beauty Boutique!  

To view my complete bridal portfolio click here. Don't forget to join the official Makeup 'n The Bride Facebook Group for tips and beauty updates! 


Beauty Scribbler said...

Oooh I just discovered your blog... it's pretty late here in the UK, but I'm looking forward to checking out your bridal portfolio tomorrow! I'm getting married in August and will be having my hair and make-up rehearsal in a few weeks so I need lots of ideas :-)

Bridal Betty said...

I love the makeup in the photos in your portfolio.

So natural-looking.

Make-up Junkie said...

@Beauty Scribbler - Congrats on your up-coming wedding! I also have my portfolio on the right hand side of this website if you want to see more looks. My bridal site only has a couple of looks.

@Bridal Betty - Thank you! I love classic and pretty. U want to look like yourself but better on your wedding day not like a totally different person lol