Monday, May 3, 2010

Beauty Review: O.P.I. Brights Inspired By Shrek Forever After

New for Spring, O.P.I's new Brights are inspired by DreamWorks Animation Shrek Forever After. Suzi Weiss-Fischmann says, “The Shrek Forever After colors were inspired by characters living in a fantasy world unlike any other fairy tale that is unapologetically vivid, bold, and unique in every sense.”

I'm a big fan of O.P.I. and think their polishes are of superior quality. However, I wasn't totally blown away by this collection. I got to test out Funky Dunkey, a creamy dark purple pictured above. It's probably my favourite shade from the collection. I also got to test out Who The Shrek Are You?, described as a brilliant green but to me looks more like a snotty green. I did not like this shade as it made my skin tone look more sallow. It would probably look better on someone with fairer or deep dark skin with cool undertones.

Overall, some of the shades are ok but this collection is a pass for me. What did you think? Love it? Hate it? Want it? 


Laura Beth said...

Eh, I feel like those colors have been done before. They can't fool us! lol, does look pretty on you though :)


xox Laura Beth

Anonymous said...

i agree, the green looks like a "snotty" shade to me. but to OPI's credit, it looks like it matches shrek's skin perfectly :p

if i were to purchase anything in this collection, it would probably be the purple ones (maybe the blue). but like laura beth said, it's not really unique enough for me.


Monica @ Beauty Parler said...

I really like that purple, maybe because purple's my favourite colour.

Dvue1119 said...

I love this collection, i just painted my nails "oger the top blue" loved it!!

Make-up Junkie said...

@Laura Beth - totally agree. These shades have been done before! And thanks!

@Dani - LOL you're right. OPI gets credit for getting the green to match Shrek perfectly!

@Monica @Beauty Parler - love purple too which is why this one was my fave from the collection :)

@Dvue1119 - lol love that name! I'm sure the blue looks gorgeous on you. The blues are probably my 2nd fave from the line.