Friday, May 21, 2010

Beauty Review: Zoya Nail Polish Flash Collection

I anticipate nail polish launches just as much as makeup launches. I especially get giddy about Zoya's seasonal collections because they are always a mix of fun, edge, and dazzle. I don't think there has been one collection I've been underwhelmed by and Zoya's Flash collection has me swooning. 

The Flash collection is a set of bright cream polishes just in time for the summer heat. Full colour with no streaks!

Zoya Jolene:  I have found THE pink for me! Described as a summery, bold girly pink it looks fantastic against tanned skin. It's actually a lot brighter in person but not so shocking like a neon pink. My tips have received many compliments with this lovely pink!

Zoya Dana: An All-American rose cream, this rosy-pink is also gorgeous and a few shades deeper than Jolene. This is one shade that will look beautiful on all skin tones. A classic shade.

Zoya Perrie: A beautiful, soft glossy lavender. I really think this is a pretty lavender but doesn't really work for my skin tone. My skin looks a bit more sallow with this hue, but would be fabulous on my fair-skinned beauties!

Zoya Robyn: Loving this "perfect turquoise cream"! It reminds me of the aqua blue ocean on a far away island I've never been to...but I digress. I adore brights on my finger tips but if it's too much for you, wear it on your toes!

Zoya Jancyn: This not neon yet bold tangerine shade is a pretty juicy looking colour. I like it, but I think I will love it when my skin is a toasty bronze. 

Zoya Maura: An electric crimson red, the ultimate summer red. You can't go wrong with red. There is a shade of red for every time of the year! In person, this red has more cherry and less orange which I love. 

Overall, I was really impressed with the collection. Some cream polishes can be streaky but Zoya's formula is anything but. It applies smooth and only takes 2 coats to fully cover. I also find cream polishes to be a bit boring at times but these shades are daring, fun, and will get those nails noticed! Stay tuned for my review of Zoya Sparkle collection!
Zoya Individual Nail Polish retails for $7 USD and the Zoya Flash Sampler retails for $36 USD. 

What do you think of the Zoya Flash collection? Love it? Hate it? Want it?


Cathy said...

I love them! Especially the Electric Crimson Red!

Arianne said...

Ooh so that's the perfect pink you're talking about! Amazing!

BeautyGeeek, Kishmat-Lola said...

woo they look gorgeous x

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I lvoe all of these shades actually. I need to get ard to buying some Zoya polishes