Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Faves: Eyes

In the summer time I generally don't wear too much shadow for fear of having them smudge or crease on me. However, this season's stay put formulas give me reason to reach for the hottest summer hues!

1. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion in Eden ($18 USD): The original UD primer is an absolute staple in my kit and when Eden came out I was definitely intrigued. A primer/shadow in one? Right up my alley. I received a sample to test out and decided to wear it alone as a shadow. 

Left side blended, right side not blended

On me, this "tawny matte hue" shows up more like a bone shade on me. A little goes a long way. With too much on, I felt it almost lightened my eye area too much making it look ashy against my skin tone. Definitely use sparingly. The primer does have a brightening affect as it lightens the eye area and reduces redness on the lids. Underneath a shadow, it is as long-wearing and crease-proof as the original. All in all, I prefer the original over Eden but it works great when a little amount is used.

2. M.A.C. To The Beach Shadow in Firecracker ($17.50 CAD): I know, this is so last 2 collections ago! M.A.C. is known for launching so many collections a month so even though this is the summer collection, it seems so passe! Nevertheless, Firecracker is still a must-have summer shade.

Firecracker is a warm, burnt orange-coral shade. The colour looks delish against bronzey skin. It's a bold shade but the warmth of the hue makes it so wearable for summer. Pair this with golds and bronze or smut it up with black khol rimmed eyes. Balance the shade with peachy, bronze or coral cheeks and a light gloss.

3. YSL Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant in Golden Sands ($35 CAD): Luxury in a pot. It's like sweeping real gold over your lids. I received Golden Sands to sample and fell in love with the high-shine shimmer. When I first opened it, I thought the shadow had a glitter finish. Thankfully, it doesn't but has strong shimmer pigments. For day, apply a small amount for a sheer luminous finish. To make it wearable for the office, mix with a matte shadow. But for night, layer the shimmer on! The more your layer, the more intense the pigment and shine. This light-weight, water-proof formula has a nice cooling effect and seriously does not budge. Sweat, swim, dance - this shadow isn't going anywhere!

4. Everyday Minerals Loose Pigment Shadow in Mall Punk ($2.50 USD): I don't usually gravitate towards loose pigment shadows but Mall Punk has become one of my everyday go-to shadows. It's actually a warmer pink in person and pretty much looks delicious when paired with peachy, bronze and pinks. This shade gives the eyes a luminous glow. I need about 2-3 layers until I'm happy with the intensity of the shade but when applied wet one swipe is all it takes. When applied with a primer, it lasts all day with no touch-ups! 

5. CARGO Cosmetics Color Eye Shadow Palette in Tahiti ($28 CAD/US): The price point of these gorgeous palettes are a steal! The Tahiti palette is definitely one to have this summer. These shades ranging from olive gold to bright teal are one of this season's hottest trends. I'll be honest, I haven't worn these colours in a while. But with my basic work wardrobe, I've been inspired to wear more colour! To make it more wearable for day, mix 2 shades together one lighter and one darker and smudge a little liner into the lash line. Since these shadows have a metallic finish, opt for a more matte blush and go for a creamy lip than high gloss. The shadows are highly pigmented and only took one swipe for the colour to show. The texture is velvety-smooth and doesn't budge. As a sucker for packaging, I adore all the different designs on each palette!

6. Milani INFINITE Liquid Liner in Infinite ($5.99 USD): Milani Cosmetics has definitely opened up my eyes to drugstore brands. I am in LOVE with these liners. The black shade is my go-to liner on brides when covering up falsies. Infinite is a bright ocean blue and is the perfect shade when you want just a pop of colour on the eyes. Whether you're a fan of bright colours or not you have to admit this shade is fieerrrce! Pair this with a neutral eye, peachy cheeks and lips this summer. I find the brush firm enough to work with but I'm also used to applying liner. If you have unsteady hands, I recommend using a thin angled brush. These liners are budge proof so after it sets it is hard to remove. Use a powder shadow in a similar shade as your guideline the apply the liner over top.

Have you tried these must-haves for the summer? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Want 'em?


Lisamarie and Christelle said...

Agree with you about the YSL - it also makes a really pretty liner!

Best, Lisamarie

Anonymous said...

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Cassandra Rae Ferguson said...

The Firecracker looks to be a really nice shade. Coral is a great shade for any skin tone to wear, so it is a great investment for anyone.

Anonymous said...

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