Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beauty News: CoverFX International Treasure Hunt!

(Picture heavy!) :)
Start the first day back to school with a treasure hunt! The lovely team at CoverFX has organized this amazing treasure hunt taking place in select cities in Canada, US, and the UK. I love contests that really get the fans involved. CoverFX's last event was a successful flash mob that took place all over but I have to say the treasure hunt tops it all! Click on the poster to enlarge for contest details and visit their Facebook page!

Last week I attended a fabulous event to celebrate the launch of CoverFX's newest star, EyePrep FX. I'm already a huge fan of their primers so I knew I would fall in love with this one. Not only is it an eye primer for your concealer, foundation and eye shadow but it's also an eye cream!

I spoke with Co-creator, Jenny Frankel, who informed me that it's better not to layer the EyePrep FX over your traditional eye cream as it may affect the 'stay put' primer quality. However, if you just can't live without your favourite eye cream, Jenny suggests applying EyePrep FX during the day and your night cream at night. But to reap the full benefits of EyePrep, it's best to use both day and night. It's also made without silicone so for all you oily lids your shadow won't slip and slide throughout the day. 

I had a blast at the event (despite the heat and sweat!) seeing all my fellow blogger buddies and meeting new ones. And of course, it's always a pleasure being able to chat with CoverFX creators, Lee and Jenny! Thank you to the fabulous Marketing Co-Ordinator, Melissa Shum, for throwing a great event and wearing those fantastic purple heels! 


Gorgeous ladies Monica from Beauty Parler and Jennifer from Spiced Beauty

Co-creator Lee Graff demonstrating EyePrep FX on the lovely Melissa Shum

Clearly EyePrep FX works! The colour is definitely more vibrant.

More gorgeous ladies and sporting the "glow"! Rhia from ArtistRhi, Anjali from Rock That Look, and Farah from FacesByFarah

The awesome Lee Graff and Jenny Frankel! Love Lee's dress!

The fabulous International Communications Director, Wanda Longo and Lee

Celebrity makeup artists of the night Tracy Peart from CityLine and Lucky B from MTV Canada!

Me (and my "glow") with some pretty fabulous women!

I'm really bad with names - sorry! Jill from Jillo Jello, Arianne from GlitterGeek and moi. 

Rhia and I getting our sweat glow on!


Melissa's killer purple platforms!

Uber talented MUA, Lelo, from Ramblings of An Artist. I love how we're resting our sweaty heads on each other!

I heart you Lucky!


Monica@BeautyParler said...

Great post! Yes Melissa's heels are HOT! Thanks for the pic of me:)

Make-up Junkie said...

Thanks Monica and you're welcome! Loved your dress! I know - wish I could wear heels like that. My poor feet just can't handle that height anymore!

Jennifer said...

Great pics!
It's was great seeing you as well :)

Rhia Amio, Make-up Artist www.artistrhi.com said...

you are all GLOW. me = sweat. so good to see you! xo

Make-up Junkie said...

@Jennifer - Thank you! xo
@Rhia - haha glow sweat you still look fab! always good to see u!