Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday 2010: All I Want For Christmas Is...Tarte Good As Gold Lipgloss Collection!

Just because my lipstick collection is starting to rival my gloss collection, doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good gloss once in a while especially if they are from Tarte. If you're a gloss junkie, this might be a case of the "one for you, one for me" policy. It's a definite must-add to your Christmas wish list!

This limited edition set comes with 15 deluxe size lip glosses in a variety of shades. I love anything mini because well, mini just looks so darn cute! Plus, it's easy to carry especially with this season's little clutch purses. When it comes to gift giving, this set gives you many options. Give the whole set to one lucky gal or divide them up among your friends personalizing the shades and packaging.

 Top Row

I love the texture and feel of Tarte lip glosses. They are never sticky or tacky. The collection also offers a range of shimmery, pearl and creamy finishes. If you're looking for full colour look elsewhere. These glosses are sheer, but with noticeable colour. 
Middle Row

Don't feel you have to wear each shade on its own. Layer a shimmery shade over a creamy, flat gloss or lighten a darker shade with a paler gloss.

Bottom Row
All the shades are pretty but none are really different than what's out there already other than the fact that these glosses are all-natural. This is a great starter set for gloss junkies starting out that only have a few shades in their collection. The glosses I've been wearing a lot lately is the bright, clear pink (2nd one) in the top row and the peachy-pink (3rd one) in the middle row. But when you have 15 shades to choose from, a new shade a day is in order!

What do you think of this gloss set? Will you be adding this to your wish list? 

Tarte Good As Gold Lipgloss Collection retails for $29 USD and is available in Sephora locations or online. 

Product was sent for editorial consideration and I honestly love it.


Mikaela said...

this is on my wishlist too!! i love tarte!!

Jennifer said...

loveee it!
great variation of colors

Karin said...

I saw this today, and it is really gorgeous! I have two other Tarte glosses and I love them, so I know I would love this too.

Karin said...

I wanted to add:

I love the texture of Tarte and the colors are comparable, I feel, to MAC. I loved the glittery shades, but felt the soft naturals would give me a specific look.

I chose not to buy it today, but I bet I'll wish I did! I have so many glosses, but then again, I do love them.

MakeupByDonnaMarie said...

Oh em gee! Me want that!!!

Jenn @ So Very Fabulous said...

I've never tried any Tarte products, but this lip gloss set is just so cute! And what a great way to try out a lot of different colours at once!