Monday, November 8, 2010

Makeup Junkie Holiday Giveaway #2: Clarisonic and The Shopping Channel!

UPDATE: My apologies but this particular contest is only open to Canadian residents! 

The 2nd giveaway is from Clarisonic courtesy of The Shopping Channel! I had the wonderful opportunity of doing makeup for The Shopping Channel so I'm very excited to be hosting a contest with them. 

We all know that skin care and flawless skin go hand in hand. The Clarisonic Skin Care Brush set is the perfect prize to compliment our CoverFX giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive: 
  • Clarisonic Skin Care Brush Set: Clarisonic Classic 2-Speed Brush and Charger
  • Brush Head for Sensitive Skin
  • 3 x travel size cleansers - Nourishing Care Cleanser (30ml), Gentle Hydro Cleanser (30ml), Refreshing Gel Cleanser (30ml)
  • Bonuses: Gentle Hydro Cleanser (6oz); Brush Head for Normal Skin, Brush Head for Delicate Skin
  • Total Value $237 CAD (The Shopping Channel price)
Contest Details: 
  • To win, you must follow Makeup Junkie on Facebook and Twitter: Leave a comment telling me your top skin care product for the winter and why, your name, and your email address in a similar format "joy[at]makeupjunkie[dot]ca". Tweet or re-tweet with hashtag: #MakeupJunkiegiveaway. If you aren't on Twitter, just visit the Makeup Junkie page and make a comment about the giveaway!
  • Contest runs until November 15. Winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced by 5 pm EST. 
  • Open to Canadian residents only. 
Good luck and stay tuned next week for more amazing giveaways!!


Anonymous said...

Embryolisse Lait Creme is my top product for the winter, because it moisturizes like no other :-)

Danyell said...

I use body scubs, both salt and sugar, I have even custom blended my own. I love to scrub and butter myself - winter is the perfect time to do it. I stay soft, smooth and moist !

BeautyNewbie said...

my top skincare product for the winter is moisturizer b/c my skin gets extra dry during the winter.

i followed on FB & Twitter.

Cindy said...

I ADORE Olay regenerist night cream. It moisturizes my dry skin so amazingly and leaves it silky and smooth!

Cindy Champion

Farah said...

ohh this is a great one!!

of course im a follower

My fav skin care product for winter is Green Beaver winter face cream! Its all natural and a tad bit thicker so it gives me a bit more moisture when its dry out!


Shadowy Lady said...

Woohoo, awesome contest with my dream product!

My fave winter skin product is my Clinique Dramatically Different lotion as my skin gets very dry.

I follow you on Twitter and FB and will reteweet this contest. My name is Saadeh and email is saadeh.m[at]gmail[dot]com

Shayla said...

Would love to win this, thanks for hosting!

I'm gonna have to go with everyone and also say that my top skin care product for the winter is moisturizer (I'm currently using Shiseido, forget the name of the product). Why? Because Canadian winters are hardcore and DRY!

I follow you on Twitter as ReveNoir, and have retweeted. My name is Shayla and my email is shayla.damery[at]gmail[dot]com

Colleen said...

My top product for the winter this year is Mama Mio Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer. It works!

Olga said...

I have to echo many ladies in their comments: moisturizer is absolutely key for the winter. For myself, I prefer the Physicians Formula Organic Wear line, which includes a lovely, lavender-scented moisturizer.

lmc1971 said...

So far my favourite skin care product this winter is Avon Anew Clinical Mircrodermabrasion Pads...used nightly it's really improved my skin's tone and texture. lisa_carbone[at]hotmail[dot]com

I follow you on Facebook & Twitter (LittleMama71)


Anonymous said...

My top beauty product for winter is moisturizer. I am currently using kielh's and it is great.

I follow on fb mariyah bee and twitter @mariab76 and i have rt'ed


Tracy said...

My top beauty product for winter is St. Ives Moisturizer because my skin gets so dry. I am currently loving the Shea butter & oatmeal formulation of this lotion.
I am following on twitter & have re-tweeted the giveaway (@twiggskitty)
I am following on facebook (tracydawn)
My email is:


Olguita said...

Moisturizer of course, because I know here the skin gets very dry (newcomer wrinting). I'm looking for a new one, this will be my first winter here.

I'm following you:
- on FB (Olguita C.)
- on Twitter (@itsOlguita) and tweeted this giveaway.

My mail:



Elaine A said...

I follow on both twitter and facebook.

My top skin care product has to be my Avon lip balm with SPF because in the Winter my lips get extremely dry.


Jennifer said...

I follow Makeup Junkie on Facebook and Twitter:

Burts bee`s daily moisturizer is my top skincare product for winter. My skin is VERY moisturized :) & that is always good!

jenn (at) spicedbeauty (dot) com

Glogirl said...

My favorite winter skin care product is the Fango Sea Mud Mask by Gabriel Cosmetics. I found this product online and absolutely love it! It leaves my skin soft, smooth, radiant and hydrated. It's actually great for all year round.

I am following you on FB as Amy M and on Twitter @glogirl3 and tweeted this giveaway.


xAgnes said...

Wow! Amazing giveaway! I've been wanting a clarisonic for sooo long now but never had the extra cash to spend on it so thank you so much for having this and giving us Canadian girls a chance to get one :)

My fav skincare product for the winter is nivea's essential lip balm :) that or a kiss of moisture because over here in calgary, winters are brutally cold and dry :( I would also have to add in my beauty diary masks which moisturize amazingly and help replenish my skin :)

Thanks for having this! I followed on facebook (Agnes Li), twitter ( pinkboxmakeup) and on here (xagnes). I'll be tweeting shortly :) have a great week!

Agnesosli [at] hotmail [dot] com

Tati Abaurre said...

My top product for the winter is Clinique dramatically different lotion! I use it everyday, I think it's very smooth and keeps my skin from getting dry :)

I'm following @TatiAbaurre - FB, Twitter & Blog.

tati.abaurre at gmail dot com

BeautyParler said...

You know I follow! My fave winter products right now is TVAL's Olive Oil Serum.

MakeupByDonnaMarie said...

I've been using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and it's worked great in the winter months when my skin tends to get dry and patchy. Recently I bought Embryolisee Lait Creme and so far it's been great!

Arianne said...

My top skincare product for the winter has to be my Black Mud cream from Pure + simple spa. Super greasy in the evening, but my skin thanks me in the morning. :)

arianne at glittergeek dot ca

Akezia said...

I love Lush Mask of Magnaminty! B'c even in the winter I always have smooth looking skin and I have a glow!!

Akezia at

Carolina said...

I don't have just one, it's impossible. My top skin care products are the Mary Kay Ultimate Premium Collection. I couldn't live without them, they make my skin SOFT, clear, radiant, refreshed, omg! I could keep going!
The Clarisonic would make it "Heaven on Earth" for me.

Carolina Bengry

Jill-O said...

My routine is constantly changing. It seems I am either too lazy or too inconstant to stick with just one thing. In the winter I love to add Mac's comforting oil to my moisturizer to give it some extra boost in the cold weather.


Laura said...

In the Winter my skin gets dry patchy. My #1 skin care product is Cetaphil Mosturizing Lotion. I've been using it forever and give my skin the extra moisture it needs especially in the dry Winter months.

Mariana said...

HEllo there!! I'm a follower and I will tweet about this amazing giveaway :D

as for skin care I don't really change my facial routine in the winter since I have oily skin all year round, so I will talk about the rest of my body :D I love! Keri (Original Intense Hydration) Body Lotion, I love it because it's very moisturizing, it has aloe, emollients and vitamin E at first it kind of leaves an oily sensation and it doesn't absorb quickly but it moisturizes like no other :)

thanks for the giveaway sweety, my name is Mariana

Sandy said...

I really should change my routine for the winter but I don't. I use Neostrata's glycolic acid line (cleanser, toner and mattifying fluid). As for a moisturizer I use Olay Regenerist Regenerating lotion with SPF. I need the glycolic for my acne prone skin and the mattifying fluid is a must to keep my oil at bay during the day. Thanks for the chance to win!


Jenle Waven said...

My top skin care product for the winter is moisturizer since my skin gets really dry and itchy in the winter.

Jenny Lee
Liked on FB
followed on twitter @jenle33
and tweeted about the contest

Anonymous said...

My skin care product I can't live without in winter is my Vaseline white petroleum jelly. I can use it anywhere specially for the dry spot. I love to use this on my 2 years son at night for his dry legs and his skin is so nice and smooth the next morning. Many Thanks.

Rhonda Sin

Huguette E. said...

I'm currently using the Perricone product. I like it as it feels great on my skin.

Following on facebook (Huguette En)
Following on twitter (@henglish)


Huguette E.
henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca