Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Holiday Beauty: Ruby Red Lips!

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Holiday beauty wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t mention the classic red lip! The colour red is fiery, exciting, and all-around glamorous. It’s such a striking colour you have to be confident to carry it off. You’ll be seeing a lot of Old Hollywood makeup inspirations this season, but there are ways to make it look different and fresh.

I love the above photo because the model’s skin is luminous and her eyes are pretty much bare. The deepness of the red is also stunning against the neutral makeup. This version of wearing red is modern and a little edgy. Mix a luminizing highlighter or serum with your foundation to give your skin a natural glow. Add a wash of silvery-white or champagne gold shadow to the lids. If your eyes need more definition, smudge a black pencil liner to the lash line and apply a few coats of mascara to the lashes. Define the contours of your cheeks with a bronzer or wine coloured blush. Wear a wine-coloured red lipstick as a stain for an effortless finish.

Instead of going with a classic red lipstick, try one that has a shimmery or pearly finish. If you prefer a gloss, look for a red shade in the same finish for a new twist on red lips. Just remember to prep your lips with a primer so that the gloss doesn’t bleed or softly line the lips with a red liner after you’ve applied your gloss. This will give a softer finish.

If you have never tried red lips, the holiday season is the time to try it out! It’s fun, festive, and washes off! ;)

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Cassandra Rae Ferguson Sydney Makeup Artist said...

Great post thanks :) I love how you have encouraged your readers to try the classic red lip but add their own twist to it.

Playing with texture is a great way to update a classic look; a matte lip can always be teamed with dewy skin or shimmery cheek bones or frosty eyes etc. Mixing textures is a safe way of making subtle changes without feeling overdone.