Monday, January 10, 2011

Beauty Resolution 2011: A Bright and Daring Future Ahead!

When a new year begins, we’re encouraged to make a resolution. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sworn to eat better or exercise more often for my New Year’s resolution, and of course, broken it! This year I decided to take a different course of action. Why not try something fun this time around? My 2011 New Year’s resolution: be more daring and creative when it comes to beauty.

Dare to be Bright. 

Bright neon pink lips at DVF S/S 2011 -

I see bright colours on the horizon. Bright lip and eye colours are a really hot trend for 2011. My personal favourite so far has to be hot pink lips (Editor note: Me too! Bright pink lips all year round!)

Matte orange lips at Marni S/S 2011 -

If pink lips isn’t your cup of tea, why not try a fierce red or orange? Both shades look equally delish when paired with bronzed skin! 

Bright eyes at Dior S/S 2011 -

As for eyes, the smoky look is always great. However, if you are no stranger to the smoky eye, try playing with vibrant eye shadows like blue, pink or green. 

Dare to Reinvent yourself. 

Platinum blond fringe at Balmain S/S 2011 -

As for hair, try starting the New Year with a new cut or hair colour. This point I can personally attest to! In the first few days of January, I spontaneously chopped over four inches off my curly mane to drastically reinvent my look! I could’ve taken it a step further by adding some fringe bangs – which are also hot in 2011 – but I chickened out. However, there are still 11 and a half months left in 2011 so there’s hope yet!

Clipped hair at Carolina Herrara S/S 2011 -

Instead of throwing your hair back with a plain old hair elastic, why not clip your hair with a few chunky barrettes? Mixing textures together will add some interest to an otherwise easy hair style. Chunky wooden barrettes will go with the season's neutrals and boho flowy pieces. 

Sleek bun at Chloe S/S 2011 -

Can’t think of a new hair style to experiment with? Try pinning your hair into a bun worn either as a ballerina bun or lower at the nape of the neck. Easy breezy!

There are many trendy looks to choose from. Just remember not to mix too many trends together in one look! So whether you’re the kind of gal who loves to paint the town red, a professional, or anything in between, we’re all a blank canvas when we wake up in the morning. I challenge you all to be daring and creative in 2011, and turn over a new beauty leaf!  

What's your beauty resolution? What new look will you be daring enough to try? 

by Brooke


Paris said...

Love this post (:

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dani@callitbeauty said...

being more adventurous with lipstick/gloss is one of my resolutions :)

Jessica said...

Brilliant ideas :) Love this!

natural cosmetics said...

Love the daring and shocking color palette that has made it's way back again.The lipsticks and the nail polish look very bright and lovely.

Joon said...

Bright eyes and lips leave you looking too clownish. Where did the natural looks go? Unless you really like scaring your co-workers at 7 a.m.

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JennySue said...

definitely will want to try the bright eyes from the Dior collection- love the green shadow with orange lips- so spring-y and refreshing!!