Monday, February 14, 2011

NYFW F/W 2011 Beauty: NARS Trend Report: Mandy Coon

SHOW: Mandy Coon

LEAD ARTIST: Francelle, NARS Makeup Artist

TREND: Art-deco “inside out-lined” eyes

INSPIRATION: “My inspiration started with a picture of my family in the late 70s; I thought my mom was so chic. I was also very inspired by these pictures of manta rays and came up with a very film-noir esthetic for the collection, which is very chic, but also very dark,” said designer Mandy Coon.

LOOK: “I was inspired by Mandy's film noir and punk references. I chose to create lines for intensity but to keep some negative space in the lid, keeping a modern shape. It’s futuristic cat eye meets cyborg punk princess,” said Lead Artist Francelle Daly.

Below are the key products used to create the exclusive look:




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 NYFW F/W 2011 Mandy Coon
  NYFW F/W 2011 Mandy Coon
  NYFW F/W 2011 Mandy Coon
Photos provided by NARS. 

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Frances @ Wink! said...

I love this look, so bold yet fun and chic at the same time.