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NYFW F/W 2011 Beauty: Wella Trend Report: Narciso Rodriguez

NYFW F/W 2011 Narciso Rodriguez

The Fall 2011 collection draws inspiration from architectural elements and the combination of these rich, textural materials.  It is a collection that combines color with neutrals to create graphic shapes and volume.

Hair Look:
This season the beauty look embraces the darker side of Narciso Rodriguez and illustrates the strength that this modern woman embodies.  According to Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Eugene Souleiman, “She resembles the women photographed by Peter Lindbergh in the mid to late 80s, she is intelligent and not pretty in an obvious way, but her look is interesting.  She is admired for her character and tough nature, which is reflected in the somewhat unkempt, rough hairstyle.”  A simple ponytail becomes masculine by tying it into a knot on the back of the head.  Rather than keeping hair around the face sleek, it’s mussed up for added texture and roughness that suggests this intentional, uncaring attitude and air of confidence.

Credit Info:
Hair Styling by: Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director of Care & Styling
Hair products provided by Wella Professionals

Step-by-Step Styling
1.     First, spray dry hair with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz at the roots to get the maximum benefits of the product by adding texture.
2.     Blast hair all over with a hair dryer directing the air and heat at the head to create root lift and texture.  Massage roots to create more volume.
3.     Grab hair and pull into a tight ponytail one inch below the crown and secure with an elastic.
4.     Spray length of ponytail with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz for some additional texture and then tie ponytail into an actual knot; secure knot in place with a pin.
5.     Gently pull at pieces of hair around the face with fingertips to create a square shape.
6.     Rub Wella Professionals Texture Touch into hands and slick onto hair with palms to create a raw, tight texture that makes hair look dirty and matte.
7.     Spray hair around the face with Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight to add some shine and glossiness to the finished look.

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Photos provided by Wella.

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