Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Beauty Review: You Want Colour? Shu Uemura's Morphorium Blue Palette Is Full Of Sweet, Sweet Colour!

In case you missed the Spring beauty forecast, bold colour is everywhere this season! For my everyday, my makeup is pretty boring and this coming from a makeup artist. Bronzy brown lids, mascara, concealer, pink or peach blush, bronzer, and a pink or peach lipstick or gloss are pretty much what I wear during the week. Before child (B.C.), I relished being in my 20's and loved wearing bright bolds on the eyes. But After Child (A.C.), I've become quite the plain jane simply because it's quick and I don't want to stand out too much in the crowd of moms wearing sweats at my kid's school.

When I first opened Shu Uemura's pretty new spring palette, Morphorium, it awakened the youthful silly girl that is still in me. I am in love with the bright purple and blue shades! I may not sport these during the day but I'll at least consider these hues when going out on the weekend now.

Shu Uemura's makeup never skimps on pigment. What you see is what you get. During a recent wedding, I had the chance to pull out this palette to create a purple smokey eye. I was so excited because I much prefer applying bold colours on other people plus I don't get to do too many evening weddings and this look was very appropriate.

All the shades with the exception of the deep purple have a shimmery finish. The bronze shade is actually a cream that you can use as a base. The chartreuse-gold was a bit more glittery and grainy than the other shades. I used this sparingly as a highlighter only in the inner corner of the eyes. The Shu Uemura ad uses the vivid blue shade as the focal of the look all over the lid and the deep purple as an accent in the crease to add dimension. At the wedding, I used the deep purple all over the lid and into the crease and added dimension with a black shadow and liner to give it a smokey effect. I used the sheer pinky-peach blush with silver shimmer to compliment the eyes. It gives the cheeks a very pretty glow. I finished the look with a soft pink lipstick and gloss.

I love the presentation of Shu Uemura's palettes. They are always so colourful with an artistic finish. This latest one is definitely spring in a palette, however, at $69 USD is pretty pricey. It also comes in a neutral palette called Sunset Gold but I'm sure most of you already have a lot of these shades. To be honest, although all the shades work beautifully together the deep purple is the only shade I'd actually use. If that's the case, you may want to just purchase a single shadow in this shade at a much cheaper cost. 

Have you tried Morphorium Blue Palette? Love it? Hate it? Want it?


Elaine A said...

Oooh those colours are sooo pretty! The swatch of the blue was actually surprising, so much white it! For me personally that's too expensive especially for something that wouldn't get used that often. But it's definitely nice to look at!

HaveYouSceneHez said...

LOVE the gold shade!!