Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Beauty Review: Love Is In The Air For Reese Witherspoon!

As spring graces us with its presence, love is in the air! Maybe that’s what Reese Witherspoon was
thinking when she recently launched her new fragrance “Love to the Fullest”, exclusively for Avon.
“Love to the Fullest” has a very fresh scent, with black cherry, sandstone, and evening primrose notes.
It’s a very versatile perfume as it isn’t too strong or musty. Throughout the day, I noticed it every now
and then, but it definitely wasn’t overpowering.

With a seafoam green colour theme, the bottle and packaging are relatively plain, and not as eye
catching as many other fragrance bottles are these days.

This eau de toilette spray is exclusively available through Avon retailing at $25 USD for 1.7 fl. oz. It’s just one
of three in Witherspoon’s Expressions Collection. The other two fragrances are called “Live Without
Regrets” and “Laugh Often” which are set to launch separately later this year.

Have you tried this fragrance? Love it? Hate it? Want it? 


by Brooke
Product was sent for editorial consideration.


Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

I actually don't like this one. I loved her previous perfume and ALWAYS get compliments when I wear it, but this one kind of gave me a headache :(

pinksundrops said...

This is the second post in a row I've read about Reese. Too bad perfumes give me a headache in general, otherwise I'd LOVE to try this.

Make-up Junkie said...

@Elaine - I actually haven't tried this scent my writer has. That's the great thing about fragrances - they are so personal and works differently on everyone's body chemistry. Too bad you it gives you a headache.

Make-up Junkie said...

@pinksundrops - I usually love wearing fragrances but being preggos perfumes give me a wicked headache :(