Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogging Hiatus

Hello my dear Makeup Junkies! Unfortunately, I'll only be updating my site on a minimal basis - the most once a week. Baby has decided that mommy needs to take a much needed rest and will be at the hospital on bed rest until baby arrives. It's not the most ideal situation but whatever will bring baby into this world healthy and strong! I was finally able to hook up the internet (thanks to my awesome hubby), but to keep charges down will update once a week.

I'll miss perusing my favourite beauty sites but can still connect with you via Twitter, Facebook, and email! Thank goodness for technology or else I would just go batty! For any urgent requests, please contact me via email.

Thank you for all the well wishes - I truly appreciate all the love and support. Baby and I are doing well so far and hopefully this good streak will continue! Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts! Muah!

Much love,
Joy xo


Ella Pretty Blog said...

Hope you and baby get lots of good rest!


dani@callitbeauty said...

ooh, i didn't know you were pregnant!

here's to a safe delivery for you and baby! take care :).

Jennifer said...

Be safe <3

Tracy D said...

All the best!

Anjali said...

Aw we'll miss your updates Joy! All the best while you are in the hospital - can't wait to hear all about your new bundle of joy :)

Take care!

i_amEatingRight said...

Be well!

Donna said...

I hope you and baby get better soon :)

Make-up Junkie said...

Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement and love!! You rock!! xo