Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Beauty Review 2011: Clinique Black Honey Fall Collection

Clinique's Black Honey Almost Lipstick is a cult classic. I remember my first introduction to Black Honey was when I was in college working at a poster shop. My co-worker was a stunning girl with pale, olive skin and long, shiny black hair. I remember the first time she whipped Black Honey out and applied this deep, berry to her lips without a mirror. I couldn't believe how dark the shade was in the tube, but on the lips added just the right amount of colour. The skinny, silver tube was all very eye catching especially since I was used to black lipstick packaging. 

Fast forward 10 + years later, and although a classic, I hadn't tried Black Honey until Clinique came out with a whole collection for Fall! So, you can imagine my excitement when I had the collection in my hands. I immediately swiped on the 2-in-1 Almost Lipstick/Black Honey Gloss. One side is the lipstick and one side is a gloss which is not shown in the picture above. The moisturizing texture I loved. But sadly, I was really underwhelmed with the colour - on me at least. I know all you Black Honey fans are thinking I'm just crazy, but it turned more of a reddish-brown on my lips. I was expecting more of a blackened purple undertone. It could be that I have some natural pigment to my lips and it pulled more of the brown undertones. It didn't necessarily look bad against my skin tone, but I felt it looked a little dated on me. It reminded me of my M.A.C. Paramount lipstick I used to wear religiously in high school/college. Not cute and just not me anymore.

The eyeshadow quad was also underwhelming although it is a quad with basic everyday shades. Beware that this palette could look muddy on some skin tones and make you look tired. Again on me, it worked but I felt it looked dated. The textures were also pretty frosty. If you have wrinkly skin on your eyes, the frost will just accentuate that.

The Black Honey blush I actually didn't mind. It is a gradation of colour going from dark to light. Use one side to sculpt and the lighter to add colour on the cheeks and highlight. The texture of the blush is really smooth. It gives the skin really nice warmth and is perfect for the Fall season. Lighter skin tones should use a lighter hand when applying this blush as you don't want to look bruised. 

All in all, I think the Black Honey shade works best as a lip colour as it seems to be flattering on most skin tones. I just wish it would had more of a purple undertone to it. Otherwise, if you're a Black Honey fan you will love this collection. 

Are you a Black Honey fan? Did you love the collection?

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Brianne said...

Black Honey looks funny on me... I might be to pale :P