Thursday, June 7, 2012

YSL 30 Day Skin Care Challenge Week 2: Forever Youth Liberator

If you've been following my blog then you know that I've committed to a 30 day skin care challenge thanks to YSL's Forever Youth Liberator line. Why did I commit to a whole month of showing my face naked? I blame it on my crazy love for beauty products and will try anything that will maintain the only thing I was blessed with - good skin. Sure, I have the odd adult acne flare ups and flakiness (ok some fine lines too), but for the most part I've got some pretty smooth texture. Don't hate (wink, smile).

Don't get me wrong though. I definitely have those days when I my skin can look sallow and lack luster like this week. The end of week 2 has been rough. I've been battling a cold since Monday (when you have kids your home becomes a germ fest - I know gross!). Although I haven't been feeling my bestest, I've been making an effort to give my skin some TLC with YSL's Forever Youth Liberator line. Just because I am sick, doesn't mean I want to look sick and I think I've been doing a good job of that. None of the mom's realized I was sick all week until I started coughing up a lung today (yes, I will be visiting the walk-in today).

Here's my naked face Week 2. What do think? See any changes? Gah, I think being sick has sucked the colour out of my skin. That and Toronto has seen only rain for the last week or so. And I promise to put a little more effort into my hair next week!

I haven't really noticed a change in the darkness of my under eye circles, but my pores do look smaller, my skin looks much smoother, and my fine lines near my eyes don't seem as noticeable. They look like they've been getting some plumping action (or maybe that's just some PMS bloating - oh ya that's happening too).

Stay tuned for Week 3 where I'm hoping I'll be feeling much healthier than this week and looking thrice as beautiful!


Olivia Sacco said...

Your skin looks awesome! You have a gorgeous healthy glow...can't wait to see results from week 3!

Natasha V said...

"or maybe that's just my PMS bloating". That made me die.