Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sponsored Post: It's A Hair Situation

I'm in a hair rut. I haven't cut my hair since February and I haven't coloured my hair in...I can't even remember when. All I know is that it was before my second son was born. My hair is over-grown and I have grey "streaks" all over. So, here's my dilemma. I want a change and I'm thinking of keeping my hair long and colouring my hair something like this. 

I couldn't find another photo but I'm really loving Katy Perry's hair here. I want to do an ombre effect, but instead of purple a dark blue or navy. Crazy?? 

Brightly coloured and pastel tones are everywhere. Hair Extensions in London have become such a popular trend there and now we're seeing it not only on celebrities but on trendsetters who like to push the limits. Maybe I'm too old to pull off this trend (although I get mistaken for a college student all the time!), but can I use being a makeup artist as my excuse?? 

My client and friend, Eva Therese from Eva Therese Studios, gave me some much needed recommendations. Because my hair is naturally black, I would have to bleach my hair first otherwise my hair would turn green. Good to know - always have a professional colour your hair! She recommended I do coloured extensions instead. Brilliant! I'll save my hair from being over-processed and when I get sick of the colour I can just take it out. 

What do you think? Should I take the leap and break free from the boredom that is my hair? 

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Crystal B said...

Personally, I LOVE the purple! And so great for fall, but yes, I agree with the extensions, especially if you're going blue. I think it will look great! And it can be only temporary if you get sick of it.