Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Event: L'Oreal Luxe Beauty Blogger Holiday Party!

I'm really lucky to know so many wonderful people in the beauty world. When I entered the beauty blogging world almost 6 years ago, I didn't know what it would mean for my life. I'm very thankful that I get to test out products for free, blog about them, and get invited to swanky events. I have a healthy addiction to products, but that's not why I blog. I really do love to write and connect with other beauty fanatics.

What do you get when you put a group of beauty bloggers in one room? A bunch of lushes who pose endlessly in front of a camera, hilarious photos, and giddy excitement and squeals over products. 

PR powerhouses and sweeties, Isabelle and Kristina, hosted a beauty blogger holiday party on behalf of L'Oreal's Luxe brands like YSL, Giorgio Armani, Shu Uemura, Biotherm, and Victor & Rolf. This event was the first time in almost 2 years that I've attended one. I made a point to make it out for this one because Isabelle and Kristina have been amazing and I finally wanted to put faces to their lovely names! Plus, I got to hang out with some of my favourite beauty bloggers and friends some I haven't seen in years!
Reviews to come of the amazing products that we received - all I can say is that these holiday collections are a must-have. It was some serious swag! I'm so forever grateful!! 

Check out pictures from the party courtesy of L'Oreal and my Crackberry. Thanks again for one of the most fun events I've been to!
Say wha??? Naughty or nice? I guess I've been a very nice blogger!
Blogger babes Lisa from Beauty Crazed, Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews, and Stephanie from Blush Pretty.
The gorgeous Isabelle showing us the new lovelies from Armani. Uh, hi can I tell you how much I love the Maestro Foundation????
The stunning and bubbly Rema from The Burgundy Book. Isn't that hot red lippie from Armani amazing??
I loved Julie, the MUA doing Elaine's makeup! She did my makeup too. On Elaine she gave her some Old Hollywood glama - gorgeous! And there's preggers Steph photo bombing! 
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Prettiest gifts I ever did see! The lovely Kristina and Arianne from Glitter Geek.
Splurge worthy. Love these shadow palettes that can be worn wet or dry!
The adorable Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura collection.
Here we go trying to come up with a sexy pose. I could not "smize". Tyra would be disappointed.
Charlie's Angels? Sexy right?
Aww aren't we a pretty group? Back row: Jessica from Beautizine, Isabelle, Lisa from Beauty Crazed, Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews, me.
Middle Row: Christine from Perilously Pale, Arianne from Glitter Geek, Steph from Blush Pretty.
Front Row: PR rep (opps don't know her name!), Rema from The Burgundy Book, and Kristina.


Monica of said...

So glad it was a great event! Couldn't make it last minute:(

Make-up Junkie said...

You were definitely missed Monica!!!

Nicole said...

Isabelle is such a sweetie! Looks like you had loads of fun!

Stephanie said...

So so so awesome!!!! I was so happy to see you that night. I can see from the pictures though that my "big scarf" isnt hiding my bump at all!!!! Hahahahaha.

Make-up Junkie said...

@Nicole - She is - love her! It was a great time!

Make-up Junkie said...

@Steph - I was happy to see you too! Aww, you don't need to hide your bump! You are a beautiful preggers woman! ;)

Emalitsa said...

This looked like such fun! I am fairly new to the beauty blogging world but I did get an invite and unfortunately couldn't make it!