Sunday, February 18, 2007

Beauty News: Britney Goes Bald??!!

What is going through that bald head of Britney Spears these days?? It doesn't seem like she has her kids on her mind. Why is she giving the judge more of a reason to take her kids away? First it was the bald eagle flashes of her coming out of the car with her attention seeking friend Paris, then it was the many drunken nights out dancing with just her bra on, and now she's finding her inner Sinead O'Connor?? I'm a mother and I'm all for having a good time out with your friends, sipping a few martinis, and having some good laughs but lets not lose control of ourselves. There are a few celebrities that have gone bald but it was always for a movie role. Maybe Britney is preparing for a new role? I think NOT! The only role she's playing is in the sad life of Britney Spears. I bet Justin and Kevin are sitting back enjoying her wild escapades and thinking "Thank god I got out when I did!" Please get some help Britney and trying staying in rehab for more than a day!

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Anonymous said...

Has Britney lost it completely? I hope not.

Britney Spears