Saturday, February 10, 2007

Express Yourself!

The club scene in London isn't just about dancing and getting wasted. It's about expressing yourself by outdoing your fellow club goers by wearing the most outrageous outfit, going beyond the shimmery shadow and pale gloss, and forgetting the straightener and throwing on a bright pink wig. At club Boombox in London, the scenesters are primarily made up of young designers, student fashionistas, and drag queens. When I read this article on and saw the pictures, I almost wanted to book the next flight to London and head to Boombox. It's a make-up artist's dream to be in a room full of creativity, originality, and life which is why celebrity make-up artist Pat McGrath (oh how I worship her!) frequents the club for inspiration and brings along her digital camera to snap shots. The make-up for me is fantastic! It's all about vivid colours painted on the face like a work of art and lots of faux lashes. It's fun and carefree just the way make-up should be. It looks effortless and not at all over the top because each one carries it so well.

I think Toronto could learn a thing or two from London's club kids. Isn't everyone tired of the overly tanned bodies, crunchy gelled hair, and the attitudes? I say instead of letting our cleavage express ourselves why not try an eyeshadow in a vibrant hue with some sparkle or put some fake lashes on the top and the bottom next time you go out. It's always nice to change it up once in a while. I used to get tired of hearing my customers ask me to do the "JLo" look on them. I'll admit for a long time I was addicted to the look but there are other looks out there! Remember: make-up is supposed to be fun and it always washes off!

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