Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammy Beauties!

My picks for the best looks of the night are:

1. Christina Aguilera's look has evolved quite a lot since her "Dirrrty" days and has softened into an updated '50's bombshell. I wasn't really a fan of her orangey tan, but I thought her '50's inspired make-up was soft and beautiful.

2. Scarlett Johansson is one of my favourite actresses and is such a classic beauty. Her smokey eyes, glowing cheeks, and soft lips went perfect with her flowing hair and simple but elegant black dress.

3. It's Beyonce - need I say more! When does she not look good??

4. Okay, you guys may think I'm crazy but I actually was diggin' Pink's rocker chic look with the blond spiked hair, smokey black cat eyes, and the soft pink lips. She didn't look like everyone else at the show which was nice to see for a change.

5. I thought Jennifer Hudson's make-up looked absolutely radiant. The gold, bronze, and chocolate hues looked amazing on her skin. It wasn't too over-the-top and just the perfect amount to compliment her sexy red dress.

6. Gone is her Barbie blond hair and bubbly personality. Hillary Duff is all grown up and looking great for being newly single. Her wavy chestnut hair and dark eyes looked edgy and fresh. I guess after getting her heart broken by bad boy Joel Madden she needed a tougher new look.

I guess that rounds out my list. An honourable mention I guess would be my all time favourite Nelly Furtado. I thought her make-up was great but I wasn't really a fan of the hair and the dress. I think she should have either went simple with the hair or worn a simple dress with her wavy hair or just not have worn that dress at all!

Let me know who your favourites were!

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