Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beauty Icon of the Month: Material Girl Madonna

I know it's nearly the end of March but it could not be complete without my beauty icon of the month: Madonna. Why her and and why this month? As a little girl I would watch her videos memorizing every gesture she made and wished desperately I could be in a pink dress while gorgeous men carried me down red carpeted stairs. My younger brother (he's going to hate me for airing this) and I used to prance and sing around the house "Open your heart to me baby!". She gave me my first sense of what sexuality and sensuality was at a young age even though I didn't fully understand it at the time. In my "tweens", my cousin and I would lock ourselves in her room, turn up "Papa Don't Preach", and lip sync using our brushes as mics (you know you all did it too!). My best friend and I were obsessed with her when Truth or Dare came out and watched it religiously. We were in love with her platinum blond hair, contrasting defined dark brown eyebrows, Marilyn Monroe beauty mark, and red lips. For the summer of '91 all we wore was red lipstick which we were scolded on a daily basis.

Madonna is a true chameleon and has reinvented herself over and over again while maintaining her superstar status. She went from blond pop tart, blond sexpot, dark raven beauty, ethereal goddess, to understated elegance. She's done it all - singer, actress, motherhood, fashion muse, and now fashion designer for a clothing collection at H&M and all the while juggling it with finesse. While some celebrities seem to lash out and lose control (i.e. Britney) when faced with scrutiny in the public eye, Madonna has managed to stay on top ignoring the nay sayers and sticking to her guns. She's a smart business woman and loving mother and looks damn good for 48!

Whenever I think of Madonna I can't help but get nostalgic and she's not even that old! I thought she would be the perfect choice for March not only because her clothing line hit H&M this month but also because I just turned 28 last week and she's been apart of almost all 28 years! In my eyes, Madonna is a true beauty who has influenced our perception of beauty in one way or another. She is a woman who is not afraid to be herself or say what she feels and that alone is beautiful.


Daniel said...

Great Icon for a great Month! Loved the article.

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Thanks Daniel! Your feedback is much appreciated!

Samantha said...

Nice concept. Very interesting to read :-)