Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beauty Review: Never Accept Ordinary (NAO) Ladies!

"Never Accept Ordinary" is a great way to live your life. You'll never settle for less than you deserve right? And of course make-up junkies want only the best! Well, I've had the pleasure of trying out a new cosmetic line courtesy of my cousin called NAO Never Accept Ordinary. Celebrity make-up artist Jeannie Mai is the spokesperson for the fun and vibrant line. The line is perfect for anyone who loves to have fun with make-up and isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd. Whether you prefer vibrant glittery eyes or if natural hues are more your taste this line has colours for every woman that wants to bring out her inner beauty.

I am a big fan of their Liquid Lip Colour and Lip Gloss. All NAO lip products have a yummy apricot scent. The Liquid Lip Colour went on like a dream. It goes on like a stain but has a slight shine to it and is super moisturizing. It didn't make my lips feel dry at all and the staying power is like no other! It's highly pigmented and goes on so rich and smooth. Rock Star is a beautiful deep cherry colour and would go perfect with a bronzy face in the summer time. You can wear it intense or dab it on with your finger for a softer look like I did. You can apply the Lip Gloss over top for a more glossy finish. The glosses give you the perfect amount of colour - not too sheer and not to thick. It's not sticky and is drenched with vegetable-based emollients and vitamin E. My favourite colour is Afterglow, a sheer watermelon pink perfect for spring and summer. The loose shimmer powder in Diva Dust is a gorgeous pink champagne colour that can be applied on the eyes, cheeks, and decolletage to give you a radiant glow. It blends nicely into the skin and feels soft and velvety to the touch.

When I saw the prices I was a little surprised at how expensive the products were. The glosses are $20.90 (CAD), Liquid Lip Colour is $26.10, and the Diva Dust is $30.75 to name a few. I had never even heard of the brand until my cousin introduced it to me and figured the prices would be fairly reasonable. However, I fell in love with their lip products and might be tempted to buy a few. The colours are beautiful and playful a combination I love! If you check out the rest of the NAO make-up line a lot of the products were designed around what professional make-up artists use and the quality of course is definitely not the ordinary.

Final thoughts: I always love trying new cosmetic lines and I especially love lines that make you feel beautiful inside and out. The NAO philosophy to Never Accept Ordinary can be applied to all areas of our life. Do you always want to live in the same footsteps walking the same route everyday?? The line is designed to make your inner goddess shine and dares you to try something new. The adorable names on the gloss like "It Girl" or "Enchantress/Temptress" on the shadow duos will remind you each time of the sensational woman you are! If no one else will say it at least you can count on your favourite gloss to say it. I'm definitely interested in trying a few more products from the line, but I'm not so sure it will replace my love for Nars! Happy shopping you make-up diva you!

For more information on NAO Never Accept Ordinary cosmetics visit NAO Cosmetics or SBC: SmartBuyersChoice Shopping

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Sultana said...

To make sure that I come back I'll link you on my page :-)

I've never heard of this NAO, I'm not sure if it's even out in Australia. Does seem quite pricey though... not very good for poor uni students like me, hehe.