Friday, April 27, 2007

Beauty Review: Threading Junkies Vs. Waxing Junkies

I've confessed a few times that ever since I've had my bangs I've let my brows grow to unruly lengths. Besides being utterly lazy, I wanted to see how long I could get away without plucking my brows. I had let almost 3 months go by without touching my Tweezerman tweezers! My shape was almost non-existent and there was no way I was going to reshape them with a pair of tweezers! I decided that my mission was to experience a brow threading. I must be the last person on earth that's never had their brows threaded. For someone that claims to be up-to-date with everything beauty that's pretty pathetic!

Now that it's getting warmer out and I'm spending more time outside, I can't escape the dreadful whooshes of wind that blow my bangs up exposing my hairy beast of a brow! I've been starting to feel really self conscious about it even though I'm sure no one's really paying attention to me (but I know they are! haha). I had finally decided enough was enough around my birthday which was over a month ago and got my brows waxed (you can read about brow waxing from Civello's on I had originally wanted to get my brows threaded but because there are fewer salons or spas that offer threading it was hard to get an appointment last minute with the ones that do offer it. I was definitely bummed out and decided my threading experience would have to wait. The waxing was great and was a definite improvement but by the end of the week my brows were beginning to grow back.

Today I finally got to experience the wonders of brow threading that I had been hearing so much about. A month has gone by since my brow waxing and a sure enough my brow hair had flourished once again. My cousin told me that the Trade Secrets in the Eaton Center offered threading services. Tania, the threading expert and manager of Trade Secrets, was unbelievable. It probably took her less than 5 minutes to thread and shape my brows! I've heard that threading lasts a lot longer than waxing because it pulls it out from the root rather than breaking the hair. So I'm hoping it'll last more than a week. Waxing is painful but threading is unfortunately more painful because it is constant (glad I have a high pain threshold!). The good thing is that it's quick and a lot cleaner looking than a wax job. I am thoroughly impressed and glad to say I've finally done it!

The world of threading has won me over and I shall have to say good-bye to waxing. No more goopy sticky messes! Are you a threading junkie or a waxing junkie? Would you recommend one over the other?


Agostina said...

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yummy411 said...

yay! i'm happy for you... i loved my brows when they were threaded!

Posley said...

I prefer waxing

denise said...

I tried threading once with a friend. I found it so painful that I couldn't hold back the tears. On the other hand, my friend didn't find it as painful and she said she would do it again. I think the reason for the difference is my eyebrow hair is thicker than hers. So, it was harder to remove. Plus, I generally have a very low threshold for pain.

Toya said...

I have my brows threaded a few times a year and pluck in between appointments to maintain the shape. I recommend threading. I, too, have a high pain threshold, so it works for me. Also, wax causes me to break out, so I can't have hair waxed without dealing with that unfortunate result.