Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Beauty Reviews (Cont'd): Yummy Scents and Smooth Skin - What More Could A Girl Ask For?

This post is all about body butters and hand creams! First up:

1. "Oh How I Love Me Some Cake!" Over the past few months I have bought a few hand lotions than the average person, but it's all in my quest to find the perfect one. Truth is, I think there are a few perfect ones out there and I just have to have all of them! I was so happy to find that the Sephora store in the Eaton Center carried Cake Beauty products. I had been told that it was being sold at Indigo but was disappointed when I went there and it was no where to be seen. I'm a hand cream fanatic so I decided to start out with Cake's Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream. I wanted to snatch up the whole line but had to restrain myself - I'm a sucker for sweet smelling products! It's about $18 (CAD), but it's definitely worth it. It moisturizes my hands very well and lasts for hours. It's also not greasy and the smell is not overwhelming. It's a very subtle vanilla shake scent. A little goes a long way and comes in a decent size bottle. It also doesn't weigh your purse down because it's shape is almost flat rather than a cone-like shape which can be bulky. I think my next purchase will either have to be Desserted Island Creamy Body Buffer or Desserts On Me Whipped Body Spread. Don't the names make your mouth water??

2. "Your Body Butter Makes Me Feel Oh So Froosh!" I had gone to the One of a Kind Show with my friend a few weeks back and was delighted to see a few bath and body booths present. I had written a post about Froosh body products a while back and was excited to be able to feel and smell their products in person. I ended up walking away with Froosh Body Butter in Vanilla For Dry Skin. All the products are hand made and all natural. You can even go to the store and make your own bath products! I get very dry skin during the winter months and decided to give this one a go. I LOVE the way this lotion smells! It really smells like vanilla icing that you almost want to taste it! I still smelled like vanilla icing the next day! It definitely relieved my dry skin. It almost feels like real icing when you first touch it and is a little hard to spread on the skin. Don't be tempted to keep applying it because all you have to do is keeping massaging it into the skin. At first it feels a little greasy but once it's worked into the skin the greasiness disappears. They come in a decent size tub which will last you forever because again a little definitely goes a long way! And at $8 (CAD) you just can't go wrong! My next purchase will have to be the Lip Balm in a Tin which is only $4 a pop!

3. "It's a Love/Hate Relationship with Body Shop!" Most of the products I've bought or received in the past few months from Body Shop have been hits and misses. I've been a big fan of their Coconut and Shea Body Butters and Cocoa Butter Body Stick which I think they've discontinued. However, their Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick and Shea Lip Butter left my lips feeling more chapped than before I started using them and the scent of the Almond Oil Daily Hand and Nail Cream was too strong for my liking. Well, on my birthday a few weeks ago I received their Passion Frust Body Butter from a friend which of course I was excited to receive. I tried it a few days ago and was not impressed with the scent at all. The smell had an almost waxy scent to it with a subtle hint of fruitiness. I expected that it would have smelled a lot more like a, I don't know, passion fruit? The coconut, shea, and cocoa body butters scents were true to their names so I figured the passion fruit wouldn't be any different. Well, it still moisturized my skin really well but it's too bad I can't stand the smell.

Well that rounds out my body butter and hand cream reviews for now! I have another review of Skin MD Natural Body Lotion that I'm still in the process of testing out. Stay tuned for the results! Happy shopping!

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