Friday, May 25, 2007

Makeup Artist of the Month: Agostina

I've been wanting to feature a makeup artist every month and now I finally have the opportunity to! Agostina, who is from LA, is my first featured artist and I'm so excited to feature her. We crossed paths through the wonderful world of beauty blogging and I became an instant fan of hers. If you're not familiar with her site, makeup2beauty, then you've been missing out! As a celebrity makeup artist (Nicolette Sheridan, Eva Longoria, Elisha Cuthbert to name a few) for 20 years now, she is able to give informative beauty advice on picking the right colours for your skin tone to summer beauty tips.

Below is the Q&A I had with Agostina. Read on and be sure to check out her site makeup2beauty and to view her beautiful makeup portfolio visit Cloutier Agency. Enjoy! Thank you Agostina!

Makeup Junkie: Give us a brief background on how you got your start in the fashion industry.
Agostina: Liberal arts degree (no job) + love for makeup & fashion = free lance makeup artist (job).
When I saw there was a credit line for the makeup artist in a Vogue editorial - I knew that's what I wanted to do for a living. Be part of a team that created beautiful images for women.

: What is the most gratifying part about being a makeup artist?
A: To be able to show a woman her outer beauty and watch how it empowers her inner beauty.

: Do you have a favourite celebrity client that you love to work with?
A: No, I don't have a favourite celebrity client. I'm very blessed, I love working with all my celebrity clients.

MJ: What is one makeup product that you absolutely cannot live without?
A: Concealer/cover-up - as a woman and a makeup artist - having flawless, looking skin is my first priority.

: Why did you start your beauty blog makeup2beauty and what is the most important tip you can share?
A: I started makeup2beauty to help empower women as consumers in the cosmetic market.
As a makeup artist I'm asked daily questions about what products to use and what to buy - I want women to have the ability to become their own beauty expect.
The important tip I have is that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin - so, take good care of your skin first, then the rest will come easier. (I totally agree!)

: Fun Facts:
Steven Meisel or Gilles Bensimon?
A: Gilles Bensimon - original and he was one of the first major photographers to believe in me.

LA or NY?
A: LA, of course.

Alexander McQueen or John Galliano?
A: Tough question - because I would love to design makeup for both of these fashion designers.

lipgloss or lip balm?
A: Lipgloss

flip flops or platform sandals?
A: Platform sandals

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