Monday, May 28, 2007

Toronto Week of Style Part 3

I wasn't able to make the Sweet Escape or Lust and Seduction show on Friday which featured bikinis and lingerie. I attended the finale show Sparkle, which was held at the Docks. The description of the show was "exploring the world of high-end fashion with an evening of music, gorgeous people, and a behind-the-scenes look into the world of glitz and glamour". It was supposed to take after VH1's Fashion Rocks, but was sooo the opposite! Since the show was on a Saturday I was sure there would be a huge turnout especially since it was being held at the Docks. We waited almost 2 hours until the show finally started. Yes, shows during Fashion Week rarely start on time but in this case I think they were stalling in hopes that more people would show up.

The guest hosts were Serenity and Ty Harper of Flow 93.5. Overall, they did a good job of hosting and entertaining a tough crowd. If it weren't for the music in the background, you could probably hear a pin drop! I really felt bad for them which is why my friends and I over did it by laughing and cheering loudly at all their jokes. I felt even worse for the performers Ray Robinson, Point Blank, Page, Daetona, Untitled, Marcus Voyce, and Cory Lee. I gotta give it up to Page (they had mad base although holding an alcohol bottle and throwing money in the crowd was a little cliche) and Cory Lee (nice voice, beautiful, and entertaining) for trying to get the crowd going. One of the singers from Untitled sang to me and I managed to snap a shot of him. Oh, I'm sure I was the envy of all the girls there - yah right.

The clothes featured were from the much talked about Brazen Hussy, 100 Miles Clothing, Honey Matthews, LRG, and Famous Stars and Straps. It was all hip-hop urban street wear with a mix of hoochie chic (it's not an official fashion term but it's the best way I can describe it!). I thought Brazen Hussy and Honey Matthews had some pretty dresses but most of the other brands were a little too "music video" for me. I'm all for being sexy and showing a little skin but I really hope that wearing booty shorts with both butt cheeks hanging out does NOT become a trend! The highlight of the night I thought was the throwback to fashion from the '80's and early '90's. What were designers thinking back then with tapered jeans, acid wash denim, and fluorescent clothing?? It was a hilarious showcase which was definitely needed to get any type of response from the crowd. All in all, it wasn't the best in fashion I've seen but it was entertaining. My friends and I went outside to get some air and when we came back in the after-party was non-existent. There was literally two people dancing to some ol' school and the rest were just hanging around the bar. It was lame so we took the after-the-after-party to another club called Shmooze. All was not lost - good thing for hook-ups especially after midnight!

So, do I think Toronto has got style? Hell yah, we got style! Did the Toronto Week of Style prove we have style? I think The Style Council of Canada just needs to improve on better ways of showing and executing it. They had the right idea of showcasing undiscovered talent and bringing fashion to the masses but it just missed the mark. At times, I felt like I was watching a college fashion show. Every detail from lighting, to audio, to hair and makeup needs to be on-point and if there are technical glitches which there always are, the show still needs to appear flawless and seamless. However, I'm glad I got to experience Toronto's first ever Week of Style. I met some really great people and got to learn about some really cool clothing lines. Zaigham and his team have a really great concept which has the potential to be something big for Toronto. I commend them for trying to make a difference in our city. For the first year it was a good try and hopefully next year will be better. Practice makes perfect right? Stay tuned for my rants and raves about the hair and makeup!

For more info on the Toronto Week of Style visit Week of To view more photos from the show check out Sparkle! on Facebook!

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