Monday, May 28, 2007

Toronto Week of Style Part 2

Fashion Fringe competition was a show inspired by an event that takes place during London Fashion Week in which they recruit undiscovered talent in Canada to compete against each other. Ali, co-founder of, and I decided to check out the show because we thought it might be something worth seeing. I think the concept was great but it was poorly executed. The show seemed really short and there were a lot of technical hiccups throughout the show. I thought that there were some really pretty pieces that stood out and some that stood out in the worse possible way (unfortunately I couldn't hear the names of the designers too well but when I do will post them). When the show ended, I think everyone was a bit confused because we thought the 2nd show of the night, Art of Denim, would be up next. We were asked to wait outside the venue so they could set up for the second show which we thought was a little odd. After a few minutes of waiting outside, Ali and I decided to skip the 2nd show and have martinis instead! We walked up the street to B Espresso Bar where we had the most refreshing pineapple basil martini ever (read more about it and Ali's review of the show on ChickAdvisor Blog). I found out yesterday from Zaigham, the producer, that the Art of Denim was way better than the first show. I'd love to hear from anyone else that went.

To view more photos from the show check out Fashion Fringe on Facebook!

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