Monday, June 11, 2007

Beauty Review: MAC Attack!!

MAC is known for launching new lines every month and my favourite launches of the year are always the summer launches! Here are some fabulous finds that have made a home into my kit and some that were just "meh". There really wasn't any that should be given the boot but you be the judge!

Fabulous Find #1: A few posts back I had written about new product launches at MAC. I was pretty skeptical about the new Slimshine Lipsticks because I thought they'd be no different than the Lustre lipsticks. I was wrong! I LOVE them especially Lovey-Dovey (mid-tone terracotta with bronze pearl) which is one of my favourite new colours for the summer. They are actually ultra moisturizing than the Lustre lipsticks and the colour payoff is sheer but still noticeable. It gives you high shine like a gloss without the stickiness and the colour actually stayed on for a few hours. Plus, it didn't give me that nasty crust on the inside of the lip. One of my readers, Jannie, who is also a fan asked if these are a limited edition and as it stands now they are. Word is still out on whether these will be permanent or not. If it does well it will most likely stay and lets hope it does! So I say stock up now just in case! I think I'll have to also pick up Bare, Ardour, Pink d'Lush, Ultra Elegant, Funshine and Urgent!

Fabulous Find #2: is MAC's Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50. I think sunscreen should be apart of every woman's beauty regime because it not only protects you from skin cancer but it helps keep your skin looking young and wrinkle free! This products goes on soo smooth and my makeup blends onto my skin with perfection! I actually haven't used a primer in a while and now that I'm using one again I see a total difference in how my makeup goes on and how long it lasts. The primer even prevents oiliness and kept my skin glowing in all the right places. If you use a primer anyways, you might as well use one that has an SPF.

Fabulous Find #3: Lately I've been obsessed with the colour orange and it has since become one of my fave colours for this summer! I was excited to see Fireball Nail Lacquer from MAC's Moonbathe collection. I love wearing funky bright colours on my toes and this orange does not disappoint! It's a vivid tangerine orange with gold and orange pearl and looks great against bronzey skin. If you're afraid to try colour on your face then your toes is the perfect place to get a little crazy!

Fabulous Find #4: I've always loved MAC's Viva Glam line especially because it goes to a great cause: finding a cure for AIDS. Every cent goes towards the MAC Aid's Fund so you'll never feel guilty buying more than one. Over the years MAC has used many amazing celebrities to promote the Viva Glam lip products including the most recent edition buxom burlesque entertainer Dita Von Teese (who visited my friends over at the MAC store on Bloor St. during Fashion Cares!). I love all the colours from the line, but my favourite colour would have to be Viva Glam V. I recently used it at a wedding on the bride and her bridal party and forgot how amazing this colour was! It's a nice neutral pink that suits almost every skin tone and changes colour depending on what lip liner you pair with it. It goes on sheer and has a nice light texture to it. It's a definite must in every woman's makeup bag!

"Meh" #1: When I heard about the Tendertone Lip Balms with SPF 12 I was ecstatic because as most of you know I have a HUGE obsession with tinted lip balms! I was expecting them to be almost similar to their regular Tinted Lip Conditioners, but I was wrong. The colours are beautiful but the texture I hate! It goes on smooth but has a sticky texture which surprised me because the Tinted Lip Conditioners aren't sticky at all. The colour was also a little too sheer for my taste and would have liked it to be a bit stronger. When I was in the store I only tried it on my hand and it didn't feel sticky and the colour payoff seemed great. Well, I made the mistake of buying four of them and I hate to return things unless I get an allergic reaction. I don't mind Hush, Hush because it leaves a nice shimmer on the lips or Purring, a beautiful tangerine with pearl that actually shows on my lips. Oh well, I guess I can use it for protection under my other many lip products!

"Meh" #2": Ok, so I wasn't blown away by their summer collection Moonbathe. The colours are gorgeous but it's kind of like "been there, done that". I received Sunmetal lipstick, Cresent lipglass, Claire de Lune and Cosmic eyeshadows, Molten Sol LiquidLast Liner, and Afterdusk blush. The lip colours and eyeshadows are pretty similar to colours in the regular line just with different names and packaging. I do like the Molten Sol (rich gold with intense metallic) LiquidLast Liner because it's such a cool colour to wear as a liner and the Afterdusk blush (sheer neutral pink with gold pearl) gives such a pretty shimmer and isn't a colour I've seen yet in the regular line. The good news is that the next few launches will be pretty amazing so stay tuned!

That rounds out my fabulous finds and "meh" list. If you've tried any of these products I'd love to hear if it was a fabulous find or not. Happy shopping!

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yummy411 said...

i love vg5...its the first l/s i fell in love with. i was strictly a gloss girl before!

i like mac primer, but would love the primer with spf50!

i liked the slimshine's texture, but i didn't fall in love with them.

just like the slimshines, i didn't fall in love with the tendertones.. i actually tried the lip conditioners too and liked those better.

the moonbathe collection- what products are similar to you? you are a makeup artist so i can see how things are average to you. i loved the blushes. they have a different texture this time around. they aren't sparkly, but shimmery/sheen. i love firespot... is there something else out there like it? i love finding other dupes and comparing them!