Monday, June 11, 2007

Makeup Artist of the Month: Liset

Many people have asked me where I draw my inspiration from when doing a creative or photo shoot and one of my main inspirations is other makeup artists like Liset who is based in LA. We connected through Model Mayhem and I fell in love with her work instantly! She's one of those artists who has set the bar for me and I'm sure other artists alike. She's done everything from print work, to runway, to celebrities. Liset graciously accepted to do a Q & A with me and I'm so excited to share it with you! Thanks Liset and hopefully we'll cross paths someday and have a few martinis!

Makeup Junkie: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
Liset: When I first when to makeup school my goal was to work in Special FX.
A girlfriend of mine who is also a makeup artist felt ill and I did the makeup for a fashion show that she was booked on. Being back stage was a rush that I loved the fast pace of it all and the result was addicting. I loved every moment of it.

MJ: What do you love most about being a makeup artist?
L: I love making women feel and look beautiful.

MJ: What's your favourite makeup technique?
L: Blending, I love seing colors come together. (my fave technique too!)

MJ: What is your favourite feature on a person?
L: Brows, you could shape them, make them thicker and longer and it changes the person facial features.

MJ: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
L: Seeing people on the street.

MJ: Worst and favourite makeup trend.
L: The worst make up trend feather lashes. My favorite makeup trend red lipstick. There is a red lipstick out there for every woman.

MJ: Fun facts:
L: a. lipgloss or lipstick? lipstick
b. sneakers or stilettos? stilettos
c. pat mcgrath or francois nars? pat mcgrath
d. italian vogue or zink? italian vogue of course.
e. makeup brush or hands? makeup brush
f. burger or pizza? pizza every day
g. martini or beer? martini
To view more of Liset's beautiful work visit Liset at Model Mayhem.

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