Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beauty News: Makeup Junkie Spotlight on Chick Advisor!

I am very lucky to know some pretty amazing people and Ali from Chick Advisor is one of them. She surprised me with a little write up about me on "Chick Lit" the official blog for Chick Advisor. Ali has been a great supporter of my blog and my work and I truly appreciate it. Thank you also to my Makeup Junkie readers who take precious time out of their day to read my blog! I truly appreciate all the feedback and comments whether they are good or bad! I'm just glad I have readers lol! To check out my spotlight visit "Chick Lit"!

P.S. Please excuse how horrible I look in the picture! Long hours and early start times = bad makeup and hair day!! :)

1 comment:

yummy411 said...

omigosh! are you serious? you look horrible??? the first thing i said was how fresh and happy you look! gorgeous! what an exciting connection with you and chick adviser (ali)