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Makeup 101: How To Make Fall Beauty Trends Work For You

Beauty trends are just that - trends. Not every trend will suit everyone but you can find ways to make it work for your skin tone and face shape. This Fall makeup trends go from one extreme to the next; uber glam girl, sultry siren, a bit pop-art, to naturally radiant. There's bound to be a trend that will tickle your fancy. Here are some tips to make the fall beauty trends work for you.

1. Big Beautiful Brows: The picture above is an extreme version of a full brow. If you've got a great full brow and shape why not show it off? Full brows frame the face nicely and thinning brows can age you. The look is all about well-defined brows with a clean face. There's just a hint of colour on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. The brows on the model are a lot darker than her natural hair colour. You want to choose a brow shade close to your natural hair colour. I recommend going either exactly the same shade or one shade lighter. Going darker tends to look unnatural and too harsh against your skin. I prefer to use a brow powder with an angled brush to fill in brows but a pencil works just as well too. Use short wispy strokes to mimic your natural brow hair. Then take a eyebrow brush one that looks like a mascara wand to blend the brow colour in with your brow. Tame unruly ends with a clear brow gel. Finish off with natural colours on the eyes, lips and cheeks for a fresh clean look.

2. Smoldering Eyes: The smokier the better this Fall. The smoky eye has evolved over the years and has been done in every shape, every finish, and every colour. This season, there's nothing subtle about the smoky eye. Eyes are dark and moody while the rest of the face is complimented in pale natural hues. Popular colours this season are matte charcoal greys, navy and silver blues, royal and eggplant purples. All these colours suit all skin tones so take your pick. For some guidelines to creating a smoky eye visit my Makeup 101: Creating the Perfect Smoky Eye. Remember the key to a great smoky eye is to have the right tools and blend, blend, blend!

3. Graphic Eye Liner: The little black liner comes in every shape and size and even colours this season. Cat eyes are once again popular and making me purrr. Winging out the liner gives the illusion of bigger eyes and looks tres sexy. Now, Cleopatra eyes and neon pink liner winged out would probably not go over well in an office environment. I recommend using charcoal greys, navy's, or deep purples to line the eyes. They are work-appropriate colours and are definitely in keeping with the trends. Instead of winging your liner out to the edge of your brow, wing it out slightly past your eye meeting at or just before your outer crease. Pull your temple taut and slightly up to help accentuate the liner. I like to use an angled brush for precision and control. For an edgier look, line the bottom lash line as well. Play around with different shapes until you're happy with one that suits your eyes. You can compliment lined eyes with a smoky eye or go more classic with natural tones on the eyes making the liner the focus. Adding fake lashes is also fun and amps up the prrr factor. If you're daring enough and love colour, line the eyes in royal blues and bright purples.

Makeup Junkie faves: MAC's Fluidline in Royal Wink and Waveline and MAC's Liquidlast Liner in Point Black, Electrolady, and Inky

4. Fresh Face: For those of you that prefer a minimalistic approach to makeup (or you just don't have time!) then you're in luck for Fall. Eyes, lips, and cheeks are all in natural hues of beige, stone, and peach. Skin has a semi-matte finish and is luminous in all the right places: cheekbones, inner corner of eyes, and above the brow bone. Try foundations that have a bit more coverage but still have a natural finish to the skin. I like silicone-based foundations because it floats on top of the skin rather than settling into fine lines and pores. Mix semi-matte and shimmery shadows together to give the eye some dimension. Colours on the cheeks are more luminous than shimmery and have a subtle sheen. Lips are either matte or creamy rather than shiny. Brows are also shaped and filled in. This look is polished and looks beautiful on anyone.

*When choosing a nude lip colour for darker skin tones stay away from shades that look chalky on your lips. Go for warmer or deeper browns or shades of caramel tones.

Makeup Junkie faves: Face Atelier Foundation, Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation, Giorgio Armani Matte Silk Foundation, Cargo Eye Shadow Palette - Ibiza, Nars' Duo Eye Shadow in Key Largo, Smashbox Decadence Blush in Ecstasy, Nars' Multiple Stick in Copacabana (highlighting), Smashbox Decadence Photo Finish Lip Luxe, Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pixel

5. Glam Girl: Glam girls like to go all out. Everything from head-to-toe is polished to perfection almost effortlessly. Skin is flawless and has a velvety matte texture. Brows are strong and defined. Lashes are flirty and lush. Cheekbones are contoured. A swish of black liquid liner is all that's needed to draw attention to the eyes with a bit of contouring in the crease. Lips are defined in a matte rich shade of red. Adding false lashes to this look is a must. Visit Step #7 of my Makeup 101: Creating the Perfect Smoky Eye for how to apply false lashes. The key to this look is well-defined lips. Using a lip liner is a must for this look to prevent feathering and bleeding of your lipstick. Choose a liner that is similar to your lipstick colour. Apply a primer to the lips to fill in fine lines and to give your colour a long-lasting effect. Line the lips starting at the bow of your top lip which is the 'v' shape. Start on one side working the line to the outer part using short strokes. Repeat the step on the other side. Lining your lips inner to outer instead of outer to inner gives a more accurate shape. Next line the bottom lip and fill in the entire lip with the liner. Hold the liner on a slant instead of a point for more control. Use a lip brush to apply your lip colour for precise application and to ensure your colour is well-blended. If you make a mistake, dip your concealer brush or pointed Q-tip into a bit of concealer or foundation and blend over top any messy edges. This is a timeless look that is gorgeous on every woman. There's a red lipstick for every skin tone - try every one until you find the perfect match! Remember to reference what works with your skin's undertone.

Makeup Junkie faves: Quo lashes (found at Shoppers Drug Mart), MAC Lipstick in Diva and Viva Glam, MAC's Lip Pencil in Burgundy and Cremestick Liner in Red Enriched, MAC's #318 Retractable Lip Brush

The fun thing about makeup is that you don't have to be stuck with one look so change it up this season. A lot of the clothes this season are in lovely shades of grey so play up your face with a smoky eye or a bright lip. Remember that you wear the makeup - don't let the makeup wear you! ;)

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