Monday, September 24, 2007

Beauty News: Benefit, Why Do You Tempt Me So?

Thanks to my fellow Canadian beauty blogger Darth Beauty (which by the way is a fabulously witty new beauty blog), I am now lusting after Benefit's Powder Pop! This artsy limited edition box collection of powders includes their best sellers Dandelion, Hoola and Dallas! I currently own all of them and always wondered if Benefit would come out with a convenient compact with all their powders. Hey, 3 out of 5 isn't too bad. I often use all 3 powders for makeup work and as adorable as those little boxes of heaven are, can get a little heavy when carrying around a kit. So, I guess I'll just have to pick up Powder Pop and possibly give the other ones I have away? Any takers? hehe. My Hoola is starting to get low now so I think this purchase is a justified one right?? Darth Beauty also listed some other holiday goodies from LORAC, Stila, and Urban Decay that I'm also lusting after so don't forget to check them out! Happy shopping!

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Special K said...

Two shout outs in one careful or my head's going to swell up. :-D You know until you mentioned it I never would have thought of the space saving aspect of the Powder Pop. I was just thinking...oooh...pretty.