Monday, September 24, 2007

Beauty News: Lil' Ol' Me?

I was busy purusing my fave blog sites and was surprised to see that the beautiful and equally rockin', Joelle, from MadGlam (she also authors for The VWord which is a cool site about 3 city girls who dish on love, dating, sex, and life. Oh and did I mention that Joelle also models and will be on Project Runway Canada premiering October 8? My votes for Joelle!) nominated me for Rockin' Girl Blogger! I'm honoured and deeply flattered. Thank you! Now to pass on the award to some of my fave sites:

Ali of Chick Advisor and Chick Lit is not only a rockin' chick, but dedicates her whole life to giving us women the inside scoop on the best of beauty, fashion, restaurants, accessories and more! Are you in need of a new purse or have been wanting to try that new mascara from Dior? Check out her site for some honest reviews from women everywhere! And don't forget to check out her fabulousness on her podcast show 'Where'd You Get That?' !

Darth Beauty is the new kid on the block, but her site seriously makes me have fits of laughter. She's a product junkie with clever and hilariously sarcastic write ups on beauty faves and celebrity looks so don't forget to check her out!

Danielle from Final Fashion has already been nominated by Joelle from MadGlam but I have to nominate her again! Is that against the rules?? I love her blog (she also authors for Final Food. Good clothes, good food - I think food and fashion go hand in hand too!) and I truly think she's one talented artist and fashion designer.

Last but not least is my yummy-mummy Yummy411! Not only do we have kids in common but we both live and breathe makeup! I like a girl that is dedicated enough to try different makeup looks on herself (which by the way are gorgeous) and post pictures for her readers! She loves putting on makeup so much she's decided to do it professionally!

Rock on ladies!


yummy411 said...

awwww joy! that brightened my day so! thank you for passing on some love my way =))))

Special K said...

Awww...I got some props! All day through my shopping safari I kept humming 'Hanging Tough' since you called me a new kid. Hehe. Thanks so much for the shout out-I will do my best to keep on making you laugh.

Danielle said...

Thank you Joy, to get two Rockin' awards in one day is overwhelming!

I hope you can come to Brunch Nuit on Saturday.

karen, said...

i gotta give love to yummy411, too! she's a sweetie and her blog is fun and informative.

Ali said...

Joy, how much do you rock?? You've always been so super supportive of me. You're the best. Thanks again!!

joelle said...

thanks joy;) xoxoxoxxx

yummy411 said...

AWW thanks karen! this post is full of loovvveee =))

Anonymous said...

hi joy
it's mila v ;)

I just wanted to say congrats!

(you'll keep hearing that from me everytime you get an award for being so amazing)
always all the time

miss you!