Monday, September 17, 2007

Beauty Review: Emmy Beauties

Every awards show I look forward to one thing: the red carpet hits and misses! Yes, I know award shows are about more than that - to recognize some of history's greatest shows, actors blah blah blah. The only award I'm giving out is who was the most dazzling from head to toe. So here are my winners:

1. There was just something about Katherine Heigl tonight that was just so captivating. Her dress wasn't the most dazzling but I thought she looked like pure glamour from head to toe. I loved how fresh she looked sporting the classic and of-the-moment red lip (unlike Christina Aguilara who had the similar style but looked cabaret-ish). Her Emmy speech made her seem even more loveable. Even if her mom didn't think she was going to win, maybe she did because she looked spectacular.

2. I absolutely adore America Ferrera and was excited to see her win her first Emmy. She was divine in colbalt blue and her makeup/hair was the perfect compliment. It's refreshing to see a normal size woman in Hollywood. I give her kudos for opting for a beautiful bold colour and not being afraid to stand out from the rest of the skinnies.

3. I have to say I think Eva Longoria is enjoying wedded bliss. In a sea of long gowns, she decided to go with a flirty, flashy, and fun cocktail dress. Her subdued colour palette from head to toe was the perfect amount of glamour. It just proves you don't have to go all frilly and flowy to get noticed on the red carpet.

4. Oh Heidi, can you stop looking drop dead gorgeous after having 3 children (or is it 4?? I've lost count)one after the other?? She looked like a beautiful tall glass of red wine. This deep raspberry colour was stunning and looked fantastic on her. It seemed like red was the popular colour of the night, but I think this colour made red seem ordinary. I loved the deep hue on the lips to match. Seal, you are one lucky man!

That rounds out my Emmy favourites. Who were your favourites of the night?


Special K said...

I agree with you..I love Heidi's dress...I love her makeup...I plan to steal those earrings when she's not looking. But the HAIR...It's scaring me.

BTW...Your opinion on Rebecca Romijn's potato sack?

Special K said...

Hehehe...Great minds fug alike. I just saw a pick of Kirstin Bell's dress...and while I'm not digging the drapey thing I love the colour...I'll try and get a pic up.