Saturday, September 15, 2007

Q&A With Makeup Junkie

Fabulously Broke In The City asks:
"Can you recommend a good, pigmented, CHEAP eyeshadow brand for neutral
shades??? maybe a range of neutral shades but nothing too brown or too red,

Thanks for your question! I'll be straight, I haven't really bought an inexpensive eyeshadow in a long time until yesterday. I should probably be reading your site more often - maybe it'll save me some money! lol Drugstore brands that have really great pigment and have staying power are L'oreal, Quo, and my new favourite NYX found at Pharma Plus. I used to use L'oreal and Quo a while back and I was always happy with them. I know their formulations have definitely gotten better since then.

In terms of a neutral that aren't too brown or red there's a few great ones that NYX carries that I was going to snatch up yesterday. I'm not sure what your skin tone is but here are some choices from NYX Trio Eyeshadows: Nude/Taupe/Dark Brown, Highlight/Brown/Suede, Aloha/Mink Brown/Deep Bronze (this is on my list!), and Sahara/Suede/Chocolate. All of these are beautiful neutrals but I'd recommend checking them out and seeing if any of them are what you're looking for. It's a great trio because you have a highligther/base shade, lid shade, and crease/liner shade all in one slim compact. It comes packaged with a little compact mirror if you need to touch up and wand applicator if you're on the go (real brushes are always the best though). I swear by the pigment and it stays on really well.

I hope these suggestions helped! Let me know if you end up buying any of them or if you go with another brand. Thanks for stopping by! If any of you makeup junkies have questions feel free to send them my way and I'll try to answer the best way I can! Happy shopping!


Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Ooo! :) Thanks for the detailed answer.

I'm going to drop by Shoppers later on this week or.. actually, when my Pop Eye beauty stuff runs out (hehe), and pick up a pot of the L'Oreal or Quo eyeshadows. I don't have Pharma Plus here because I'm in QC right now, we only have Jean Coutu.... but maybe they have other brands...

Special K said...

I've been eyeing up the NYX displays at Pharmaplus for a while now. Glad to hear that they're more than worth the price of admission. Though...I could have sworn I'd seen PP in QC when I was there last...hmm...Might be an Eastern township thing.

Theresa said...

Thanks very much I'll keep that in mind.

Do you ever get free samples?

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hey Theresa,

I do receive free samples from various cosmetic companies. Was there a company in particular?