Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beauty Review: Pink Beauty Day 4

Pink Beauty Day 4 was a preview of the holiday season to come with Santa Clause and friends bringing smiles to kids both young and old! I was in a festive mood which called for bright lips and shimmery skin. I also wanted a bit of rouge on the cheeks to give that "just pinched" youthful glow we so long for as you get older. I created a day look and a night look using 3 main products and adding a couple extras to change it up. These are two of my favourite looks because it just tends to make you look radiant and glamourous without putting a whole lot on. First up is the day look. Here are the products I used and how I achieved the look.

The Day Look:
Since I was adding a bright pop of colour on the cheeks and lips, I wanted to keep the eyes subtle with a hint of shimmer. To wake up my very tired eyes, I decided to use Eye Splendor Eye Shadow in Worshiped, a neutral beige, all over the eyes. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I've been using this shadow everyday as a base or on it's own because it's such a great neutral. I then added a white shadow that has a subtle sheen to it, in the inner corner of the eyes and the bottom lash line. For the day, I wanted to keep the shimmer to a minimum. I also lined the inner lash line with a creamy beige eye pencil to whiten up my whites to make them look brighter (if you have fairer skin use a white pencil). I added 2-3 coats of mascara to plump up those lashes (against a subtle eye long, full lashes are a must!). To give me that youthful flush I applied Cream Radiance Rouge in Captivate, a rich berry-red shade, to the apples of my cheeks (set your makeup with powder after you've applied cream blush. Cream blushes blend better on non-powdered skin.). To finish the look, I applied Luscious Lip Sheer Lipstick in Elsie, a gorgeous sheer brick red, to my lips.

The Night Look:

Changing this look from day to night is easy and only needs a couple of products: shimmer and black liquid liner. I added a shimmery metallic shadow over top of my existing shadow in a soft taupe shade. I also added some to the bottom lash line. I then winged out black liquid liner to give me that cat eye effect. I applied a few more coats of mascara. I also applied an iridescent highlighting cream in a champagne shade to the cheekbones to give a luminous glow. Everything after that was easy. I added more of the Cream Radiance Rouge in Captivate to the cheeks to deepen the colour. I also deepened the lips by adding Captivate and then applied the Luscious Lip Sheer in Elsie, over top a few times. And voila - go from day to night in a few easy steps!

The result:
I LOVE the lip sheer Elsie and I think the cream blush in Captivate is just beautiful! They just complimented each other so well. Because I heart these two products so much I just had to do 2 looks! Elsie is the perfect red for just about any skin tone because it is so sheer that you can't go wrong. If you've been afraid to wear red especially during the day, Elsie is absolutely wonderful! For the day, I applied it once and it gave me a subtle hint of red that is so wearable. For the evening, I applied it a few times until I reached my desired colour of red. I've said this before, but I just love how buildable all the products are. The lipstick is also super moisturizing! I didn't need to add any lip balm to my chronically dry lips. Elsie is my new fave lip colour for all year round (its nestled itself nicely into my makeup bag)! It brightens you up and adds nice colour to the skin. Captivate cream blush gives you a pop of colour without looking overdone. If bright cheeks and lips are too much for you, then opt for a more neutral blush or a bronzer. But the two really do go nicely together. I'm not really sure if I should have used the cream blush on my lips but I did and it didn't dry out my lips or give me a reaction. :) Whenever I'm feeling down or tired, this look always gives me a pick-me-up-perk-me-up. This will definitely be my holiday look! Stay tuned for my last day of Pink Beauty tomorrow but the fun will not be over because I'll be featuring my interview with April Jacob later on this week! Happy shopping!


I♥M·A·C said...

Hey Make-Up Junkie,

I'm ♥lovin♥ ur blog hun, come check out mine: http://iheartmake-up.blogspot.com

See u around gorgeous ♥

Naomi-Alecia said...

Hi Makeup Junkie,

I am loving all the wonderful looks that you have created! I was wondering if Pink Beauty products can be worn by woman who have a darker complection?

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hi Naomi-Alecia!
Thanks for reading my site and I'm glad you're liking the looks I created using Pink Beauty. There are definitely products for darker skin tones ranging from medium-dark to tan to dark. For blushes, Captivate and Enchant cream blushes would be wonderful on darker complexions or if you prefer powder blushes Object of My Affection and Stolen Moments are really nice. Shadows in Treasured, Devoted, Chi-chi, La-di-da, Primp, and Belle are great for darker skin tones. The lip colours have many colours that would suit any skin tone. Visit www.pinkbeautycosmetics to view the colours of their products. If you have a Holt Renfrew near by visit the counter - it's always better to see it in person :)

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hey I-Mac :)

Thank you! Your site is awesome as well! Another fave to add to the list! :)