Monday, November 19, 2007

Pink Beauty Day 4 On Hold!

I apologize for not posting Day 4 of Pink Beauty, but I am just exhausted from the Santa Clause parade today which was pure madness! And after that, we had dinner with family and I'm sure you know how long those can go (it was good eatin' though!). I will for sure be posting Day 4 tomorrow and I can't wait to tell you about my new favourite lipstick from Pink Beauty called Elsie (which was named after the creator's grandmother! love it!)! Thank you to everyone that has been giving me great feedback on Pink Beauty and my site! I love hearing from the readers because it means so much that you find my info interesting and useful! Thanks guys! And just to give you a heads up I'll be meeting with April Jacob, creator of Pink Beauty, for a one-on-one interview so stay tuned! Oh, and I apologize for the delay in posting my wonderful interview with Michael DeVellis of The Powder Group! I'm in the process of making an audio clip that you can listen in on. It's much more interesting to hear him speak than me writing about it! So stay tuned for that as well!

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