Thursday, November 22, 2007

Beauty Review: Pink Beauty Day 5

Day 5 of Pink Beauty has arrived which means this is the last day of Pink Beauty Week! I'm a little sad because I've been having so much fun playing with the products and coming up with different looks. Today's look was inspired by beautiful sunsets in the early summer months before it gets all muggy and humid. Sunsets always have a gorgeous gradient colour of burnt oranges, golds, and peachy-pinks. I did a day look and a night look using the main products and adding extras to change the looks. First up is what I call sweet sunset which is definitely wearable for day. Here are the products I used and how I achieved the look.

Sweet Sunset Look:
If you're looking for ways to wear colour during the day without over doing it, try this look out. It's all about adding subtle hints of colour to enhance your natural beauty. On my eyes, I used Eye Splendor Shadow in Worshiped (yes, I'm using it again!), a neutral beige, as my base and on the bottom lash line. I added Eye Splendor Shadow in La-Di-Da, a gorgeous amber orange, to the outer corner of the eyes. This shadow has a really nice sheer finish so if you're not used to colour I suggest starting out light and building on top of it until you are comfortable with the colour. I used a blending brush to make sure the colours were blended well together and there were no harsh lines. Even though I had a bit of colour on the eyes, I still wanted a subtle pop of colour on the cheeks. I dabbed on Cream Rouge Radiance in Enchant, a peachy-pink shade, to the apples of the cheeks. To sweeten the look, I applied Luscious Lipshimmer Lipstick in Maribeth, a lovely burnt orange with gold flecks and swiped on a little of Glamour Glaze Lip Gloss in Dearest, an opalescent pinky-coppery gloss, to the center of the lips.

Sultry Sunset Look:
The second look I call Sultry Sunset. I've always noticed that when the sun is almost done setting the colours go a hazy burnt orange. To bring the day look into night I used the same main products but added a dark brown liner, opted for a nude lip, added some shimmer, and darkened my eye shadow and blush. I added more of the La-di-da shadow to the crease area and applied it to the bottom lash line. I smudged a dark brown liner to my top and bottom lash line. I also added a shimmery gold shadow to the inner corners of the eyes. I swiped on another coat of mascara to add on to the drama. On the cheeks, I added a bit more of Enchant to deepen the colour and give my cheekbones some definition. I added a shimmery highlighter to my cheekbones. To balance the smoky eye, I applied Luscious Lip Sheer Lipstick in Mabel (not shown in picture but you can check out Day 1 to see the colour), a sheer nude. I also applied Dearest gloss on top to give me a shiny pout.

The result:
I just love how you can use the same products to achieve 2 totally different looks. La-di-da eye shadow is such a gorgeous amber shade and would especially look great on darker skin tones. If you have fair skin, you can still get away with this shade but in a lighter application. If you have baby blues, this shade will brighten and enhance your eye colour. Enchant cream blush is such a pretty shade and would look great on anyone. If you're tired of pink, then this peachy-pink shade is a great alternative. It's a little more womanly and little less girly. I also love using peachy shades on darker skin tones to brighten up the complexion. My next favourite lip product has to be Maribeth lipstick. It has the same effect as Elsie, the sheer red lipstick, because it perks up any complexion. This is great for any skin tone as well. I actually have similar shades from a few other brands - it's my staple colour especially during the summer months. Pink Beauty's version is my favourite hands down because it's sooo moisturizing! Dearest gloss is such a sweet treat because it looks amazing on its own and goes great over any lipstick. I love the two-tone effect it has. Mabel lipstick is my favourite nude lipstick and doesn't have a chalky effect like some I've tried. The gold shimmer gives it some dimension and doesn't look flat on the lips.

Well, today ends my week of Pink Beauty!! I hope you enjoyed the looks as much as I enjoyed creating them. Thank you for all your great feedback! It makes doing this all the more enjoyable. Pink Beauty Cosmetics is a Canadian line that is sold at various Holt Renfrew locations across Canada. If you get a chance to pop in, don't forget to stop by the Pink Beauty counter for a sweet dose of glamour and fun! Once you try the products, I guarantee you'll be hooked! I'm very excited to be meeting with April Jacob, the creator of Pink Beauty Cosmetics, tomorrow so stay tuned for my interview with her! Happy shopping!

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Anonymous said...

The Sultry Sunset Look looks great. I think I'm gonna try this look!

ruby. said...

The Sultry Sunset looks beautiful on you! I love the Enchant blush--it looks really nice with your skin tone. =)

yummy411 said...

gorgeous joy! i love this series!!! get to see your ideas and work =)))

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Hey Ruby!
Thank you! I love Enchant blush!

Thank you! It was fun playing around with the products. Loving your tutorials as well! Your application and blending is awesome!!