Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beauty News: It's Official! Chick Advisor and Makeup Junkie Team Up!

I'm very happy and excited to officially announce that I am now the Makeup Expert for Chick! I'll be here to answer any of your beauty 911's, share how-to makeup tips and applications, and be keeping you in the loop on the hottest beauty looks each season! Each month I will be covering different makeup topics so stay tuned! I along with other "experts" including fellow blogger Ellen of Lipstick, Powder, 'n Paint (covering everything beauty) will be joining the Chick Advisor team!

Makeup Junkie has some very exciting things coming up in 2008 including the return of Chick Advisor's podcast show "Where'd You Get That?". Be on the look out for 12 new episodes coming out this Spring/Summer! Check out "Meet The Pros" on the Chick Advisor blog "Chick Lit" to see each expert's bios. To send in questions, email us and Chick Advisor will feature the best ones. Watch Chick Lit for tips, tricks and answers to your questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Jen38 said...

Congrats on teaming up with another terrific beauty blogger!

How exciting about launching some pod casts for this year. I will stay tuned.

Happy 2008 and best wishes MJ!

MizzRobin said...

Congratulations!!! :o)

yummy411 said...

congrats lady! you are the hotness!

artist said...

Yayyy!! Excellent choice, Can't wait for your posts on Chickadvisor!!

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Thanks so much guys!! You guys rock!!!