Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beauty Review: Loose Lips New York Look 2

Before the holidays, I reviewed some wonderful products I received from Loose Lips New York and created a look which you can view here. And since the holidays were just so busy, I am finally able to get to Look 2. On a night out, I was inspired by the movie 9 1/2 weeks oddly enough, and not for the reasons you may think (it was on one night and I caught a few scenes of it haha)! If you haven't seen the movie, it takes place in the good ol' 1980's in which I grew up in where purple smoky eyes, pink contoured cheeks, and bright lips were considered appropriate for everyday at the office. Kim Basinger looked sweaty and dishevelled in every scene and so did her makeup. You're probably wondering "What's so inspiring about that?". Well, I wanted to do something other than a traditional smoky eye with a pale lip. I wanted to use bright makeup and still make it look wearable together. Here is the products I used and how I achieved the look.

The Look:
I received Mid Size eye shadow in Fog, a muted grey with a semi-matte finish and Glitter Pencil in Plum. Both colours complimented each other so nicely. I applied Fog all over the lid and the bottom lash line.

I then applied the plum glitter liner close to the top and bottom lash line (I read later you're not supposed to line the bottom lash line because of falling sparkles! opps!).

I used a pencil brush to smudge the liner to soften the lines. I applied a few coats of mascara. Instead of using a bright pink blush, I chose a rosy-beige powder blush to my cheeks and concentrated most of the colour to the hollows of the cheeks to give it a more contoured effect.

On the lips, I used the same Hint of Mint Gloss in Mint Cherry from Look 1, but blotted it to give it a softer effect.

The Result:
I love taking looks from different era's and giving it a more modern twist. This look is definitely not for someone who is afraid of a little colour or sparkle. Of course, every look can be tweaked to suit your taste such as opting for a nude or soft pink lip rather than a brighter lip.

Fog shadow went on smoothly and blended really nicely onto the skin. I was actually surprised how light the grey applied on me. On fairer skin, it would probably apply more grey but on my skin it almost went white. This would probably not be a colour for someone with a darker complexion as it may make them look ashy.

However, mixed with the plum glitter liner, it really did make the brown in my eyes pop. The liner glided on without tugging on my skin and was very blendable.

Since I did apply it to the bottom lash line, the sparkles fell onto my cheekbone which actually acted as a nice highlight. The sparkles caught the light really nicely and didn't look over the top. Since the shadow was semi-matte, there was nothing to compete with the glitter. All in all, it was a fun look to do. Sometimes you can get in a makeup rut, so changing it up once in a while is a real treat! Don't forget, Makeup Junkie readers get 20% off your first purchase. All you have to do is visit Loose Lips New York and enter 'junkie20' at checkout! Happy shopping!


sherry said...

I think it looks great. I have put the fog eye shadow on medium to darker skin tones and it does show up nicely. It is one of the colors that looks good on a lot of people. I had a lot of fun this season using the glitter pencil-because it was not over the top. Thanks for the review-Sherry

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Thanks Sherry! I will have to try Fog eye shadow on some of my darker skinned friends and if I'm wrong about it showing up ashy then I will right a post and bow down to you! :)