Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Beauty Review: Starlet Cosmetics Brush Set!

When I hear the word "starlet" I think of Hollywood's most glamourous. Starlet Cosmetics products are made to make you feel, well, like a starlet. Their products are geared towards the professional makeup artist but any makeup junkie would love the variety of pro tools and accessories. I received the 7 Piece Pink Folder Brush Set which includes: a powder/blush brush (goat hair), eye primer/concealer brush (nylon), shadow (pony), precision crease (pony), liner/brow (nylon), lip (nylon), and brow and lash groomer (synthetic). The brush set comes in a pink magnetic closure folder style case with pink brush handles and a zipper compartment for your favourite shadow or gloss perfect for the woman-on-the-go!

The Result:
I have been using the set for almost 2 weeks and I'm delightfully surprised at how amazing the quality of these travel brushes are! I have a huge collection of pro quality brushes but I don't have any travel ones for myself that I can just throw in my purse. The length of each brush is actually the perfect size I'd like normal brushes to be. And although it is a travel set, the length of the brushes aren't too short (length is important in achieving a flawless application). The zipper enclosure is big enough to fit a blush, gloss/lipstick, slim compact and shadow but nothing to0 bulky. If you have an all-in-one face palette then you're set. It's the perfect size to carry around in your purse and the 4 magnetic closure prevents your brushes from falling out.

Powder/Blush brush: Amazingly soft and the density of the brush gives you a perfect blush or powder application. None of the hairs have fallen out either.
Eye Primer/Concealer: I haven't used this to prime the eye but I've used it to apply both foundation and concealer. It's actually the perfect size for both and I prefer using this to apply foundation than a normal foundation brush. The compact size of the brush forces you to apply foundation only where needed and you end up using less product as a result. The nylon brush is smooth and is great at blending face products.
Shadow: The brush has the perfect firmness but is still soft enough to blend eye shadow properly. When I applied my shadow, it gave me the same colour intensity as using a stiff shadow brush.
Precision Crease: My favourite of the collection. This brush is great for smudging shadow into the lash line for a subtle smoldering effect or all the way up into the crease for a dramatic smoky eye. Some pencil brushes are too firm to use all over the lid or in the crease and don't blend nicely but this brush allows you to smudge and shape the crease with super blendability.
Lip: I haven't used this for my lips just yet, but have used it to conceal those pesky pimples. It's the right size to precisely conceal raised blemishes.
Liner/Brow: This brush is firm enough for flawless application of powder or gel liners to shape the eye but soft enough to naturally fill in the brows.
Brow/Lash Groomer: Essential brush for maintaining clean brows and combing through lashes for a natural and clump-free effect.

Love the set and highly recommend it. You get 7 brushes in a pretty and functional case for $38 (USD). The set also comes in a beautiful black croc case if pink isn't your colour. I love the faux croc effect and the black just looks much sleeker. The only negative about this set that I wish it had was a contour brush. I've been carrying around my normal size contour brush inside it but since the head sticks out doesn't stay clean. Maybe I'll send in my suggestion and hopefully they'll make a set especially for me! lol Oh to dream... Starlet Cosmetics also sells pre-made palettes for blushes, shadows, and lip products. Perfect for the makeup artist or the makeup junkie who wants it all and wants it organized! Happy shopping!

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spa girl said...

Sounds like a good set at an affordable price. As a new mommy on the run sometimes, I could use a nice travel set. Thanks for the suggestions and detailed review. Always look forward to your reviews of the latest and greatest products:)