Friday, February 1, 2008

Beauty Fix Weekend Reads

I sometimes love days when a bad snowstorm has hit and you're snowbound sitting in front of a burning fire, all cozy with a steaming cup of joe. I'm sure others that are trekking in the snow as we speak feel differently than I do. Well, if you're one of the lucky ones curled underneath a warm blanket, check out some great beauty reads while you're at it.

Jamie from Beauty Chick 101, has celebrated a birthday and is having a beauty giveaway from N.Y.C. New York Color! Aren't we supposed to be giving you presents??

Karen over at Makeup and Beauty Blog speaks with Gordon Espinet, VP of Makeup Artistry for M.A.C., who gives us the 411 on Fall 2008 beauty trends!

Erika at Makeup Bag will be reporting live at NY Fashion Week giving us a sneak peak backstage of Fall beauty trends!

Product Girl tells us why Bliss Manicure's Best Friend is her new best friend!

Tia at Shake Your Beauty responds to The NY Times article but gets back to what's important: beauty!

Specktra Beauty News gives a raving review of Corioliss SXE hair straightner! Mine is out of commission now so I too am on the lookout for a new straightner! :(

Check out the Beauty Ideal Magazine for some sweet Valentine's features brought to you by the wonderful Beauty Blog Network!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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