Friday, February 22, 2008

Beauty Review: Three Custom Color Is Simply Beautiful Part 1

Photo Left: Me feelin' simply beautiful! Right T-B: Warm Pink Lip Liner, Dark Clarifier Pencil, Warm Nectar Wet/Dry Shadow, Simply Beautiful Creme to Powder Blush, Simply Beautiful Sheer Lipstick, Bellini gloss, Mini Pressed Warm Bronzer

No matter how many trendy colours come on the market we always go back to the basics. Neutral everyday shades are must-haves in any makeup junkie's beauty stash. I was thrilled to review some products for Three Custom Color because I had heard rave reviews from countless beauty/fashion mags and within the makeup artist community. Here is the product breakdown:

Mini Pressed Warm Bronzer: "Bronzers are smooth and silky with a delicate gold shimmer. Available in Cool for rosey-toned skin and Warm for golden-toned skin, these beautiful bronzers are ideal for creating a healthy, fresh look without the damaging effects of the sun."

Results: I have been using Benefit's Hoola bronzer for years and I think I've found a new favourite! I don't usually like bronzers that have too much shimmer because I find I look too shiny in warmer weather. But Three Custom's bronzer is velvety smooth, super-blendable and the shimmer particles are so fine that it leaves a soft sheen on the skin. The colour is a beautiful golden-bronze and not orange. The bronzer is cased in a small sleek compact with mirror, but it's still big enough to swirl a large size powder brush on it. No bulkiness and easy enough to throw in your bag. Another bonuse: these powders are also refillable!

Warm Nectar Wet/Dry Eye Shadow: "...silky Wet/Dry formula can be used as a shadow or liner, leaving a satin finish that lasts all day and into the night...divided into Cool or Warm so you can always find the perfect shade for your skin tone...".

Results: I applied Warm Nectar dry all across my lid and on the bottom lash line. The colour went on a soft pearly nectar perfect as a base or on its own for everyday. The colour really brightened up my eyes. The finish is not over-the-top shimmery so it's definitely office friendly. The texture is smooth and the pigment applies as is in the pan. I applied it wet on my hand so you can see the difference. The colour goes on more intense. This shadow didn't crease or fade either. These also come in refillable palettes! Warm Nectar is a definite neutral must-have.

Clarifier Pencil in Dark: "This innovative, nude-colored pencil is the perfect solution to instantly alleviate the look of red, hazy eyes, making them brighter, whiter, and more beautiful. This handy multi-purpose pencil also doubles as a spot concealer, perfect for small touch-ups."

Results: You're probably wondering what's so different about these vs. a white or beige eyeliner. Using a white eyeliner may look great on the runway but it isn't very natural in reality and beige liners often have too much yellow in them. The Clarifier is a fleshy-tone so it matches closely to your skin tone. The brightening effect isn't obvious but is definitely noticeable. I even dabbed some in the inner corner of the eye into the inner bottom lash line. It instantly lightened and covered the darker areas. My only complaint is that the pencil could be softer especially if you're applying it in the inner lash line. I had to warm up the tip between my fingers to make it softer, but once I did that it went on great. This will definitely be a staple in my beauty stash and I'll have to get the lighter one for my kit!

Simply Beautiful Creme-to-Powder Blush: "...we designed this unique shade by combining equal parts Cool and Warm elements to make these stunning shades appropriate for all skin tones: We started with Pink and Peach (2 colors that naturally brighten the face) then added Gold and Silver for a gorgeous, subtle shimmer. For a little "oomph!" the tone is slightly darker than the natural color of the lips and the natural flush of the cheeks. And voila - Simply Beautiful!"

Result: I've been in the market for a neutral cream blush. I have a few that are considered neutral but I find they either have too much pink or don't show up enough. When I saw it in the pot, it looked more like a terracotta brown. The colour also looked really pigmented so I wasn't sure how neutral or natural it would be. When I applied it, I was delightfully surprised that it applied like a pinky-brown with peach undertones. Use a light hand because the colour payoff is great and a little goes a long way. The first application applies sheer but still noticeable and buildable. I applied a 3 layers for the picture but in natural light you only need about 1 or 2. The formula is very creamy but then dries to a nice powder finish. You also have time to blend so don't be scared about looking streaky. The colour was long-lasting even without setting it with powder. I'll have to test this on someone with a cooler skin tone to see if it really suits both sides. I'll let you know! Oh - also available in refillable palettes!

Simply Beautiful Sheer Lipstick: This is apart of the Simply Beautiful collection that includes the cream blush above and was created with the same concept. This universally flattering shade comes in 2 other finishes gloss and semi-matte. I chose the sheer coverage. Ok, so I have a bit of a love affair with lip products and I think that I've fallen in love with my new favourite neutral lippie! It has the perfect amount of pink and peach and actually perks up my face! I loved how the shade didn't blend totally into my lip so the colour was still obvious. The texture is really creamy and has a bit of a shine. I've tested this and 2 other lip glosses from 3C and can't get over how long lasting the colour is! It lasted through 5 greasy chicken wings (it's my eat-bad night! lol), pita with dip, a couple of cookies and a couple glasses of water. The colour barely faded and looked like a really nice stain. It's a definite must-have! You can also purchase this in a refillable palette.

Lip Liner in Warm Pink: "...designed to glide effortlessly over the lips to allow for flawless application, easy blending and long wear...".

Result: After I applied the lipstick, I lightly defined my lips with the pencil. The colour blended right into the lipstick making it a perfect match. Warm Pink is like a pinky-peach and was really close to my natural lip colour. I don't typically line my lips but lately I've been using it everyday! It makes the perfect neutral liner if your lips tend to be more fleshy-pink. This is a must in my kit especially for brides!

Lip Gloss Wands in Bellini: I applied Bellini (this is considered a neutral shade on 3C's site) to the center of my lips for a nice highlight. I love this shimmery peachy-pink shade! The texture is non-sticky and the colour payoff is like a sheer full colour lipstick. It's a great everyday shade or perfect for a strong eye. I mentioned my love for their lip products and this has made a nice little home in my makeup bag!

Three Custom is definitely living up to all the hype! I'm hooked and now I need more! To learn more about Three Custom products and the founders click here. Stay tuned for Part 2 of my beauty review of Dahlia Lip Gloss Wand!


✞ANGELA✞ said...

nice review~~~like those stuf

yummy411 said...

oooh where can we go to get custom concealer?

Make-up Junkie said...

Thanks Angela!

Hey Yummy411! if you go to their website they have a whole bunch of locations in the US. You can also purchase online. I heard their concealers are amazing as well. :)