Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beauty Review: Vasanti Cosmetics

I've had so many readers tell me that they have a hard time finding brands that cater to darker skin tones (this one's for you Kam!). It's crazy to believe that there are still many cosmetic lines that don't expand their brand to include colours for darker skin tones especially since formulations and technology have come so far. Vasanti Cosmetics is a cosmetic line that is made for every skin tone but was specifically made to cater exotic beauties. The brand was also established in Canada and has branched out internationally. I used to use the line when it first came out back in the day, but I moved downtown and never saw it again. I was happy to try the brand again recently and I've found a few must-haves for my beauty stash!

The Liquid Cover Up ($23 CDN) is an amazing all-in-one product! I've been having really good luck with foundations lately and this one was a pleasant surprise. You can use it for foundation, eye brightner, colour corrector, and concealer. The coverage is adjustable - the handy little brush allows you to apply as little or as much as you need. It gives your skin a beautiful glow. I wore it last night and my friend commented on how nice and glowy my skin looked - not the sweaty shiny kind of glow. The makeup doesn't feel heavy on and your skin looks natural all day. It's oil-free and works for all skin types and skin tones. It's a great product when you're in a pinch and all-in-ones don't take up a lot of room in your makeup bag!

Face Base Foundation In One ($25 CDN) is a convenient powder based foundation. All I used to wear in my younger days was a powder foundation but now it seems it doesn't always make my skin look its best. My skin always ends up with dry flaky patches. Vasanti's powder foundation is really velvety smooth and didn't make my skin flaky. Coverage is buildable and always look natural. Powder foundations used to also make my skin look flat but this foundation brightens the skin. It's light-weight, oil-free, and oil-absorbing. I also like using it as a finishing powder over the Liquid Cover-Up.

Vasanti Concealer ($17 CDN) comes with two shades: the darker shade is used to cover up dark circles and the lighter shade can be used as a eye primer or to conceal blemishes. The two shades can also be mixed together to match your skin tone perfectly. I found the product to cover up dark circles and blemishes really well but I didn't really like the texture under my eyes. It looked a little heavy and kind of set to a powdery finish. I usually prefer a luminous finish for the under eye area. It's not for me but it may work for others.

If you haven't discovered Vasanti Cosmetics, you must check out the rest of the fun products the line carries. I'll be featuring two more wonderful products that will be in my Beauty 101: Makeup Must-Haves For Spring and Summer. Stay tuned! Happy shopping!

Vasanti Cosmetics is sold at select Shopper's Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques in Canada and online at

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Kam said...

Joy you rock! I was just talking with my cousins how during the summer time- some of the face products we use end up making us look "muddy". I was telling them a makeup expert (that's you!) suggested Vasanti- we're going to go for personal's always hard to find face products that match perfectly..thanks for the info! :)