Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beauty Feature: The Lipstick Queen Poppy King

When it comes to lipstick, there can only be one queen and that's Poppy King of her ultra chic, ultra feminine lipstick line, Lipstick Queen. Last month I wrote a rave review of her collection which you can read about here. Makeup Junkie had the opportunity to ask Poppy a few questions about Lipstick Queen and what every young entrepreneur should know. Check it out!

Makeup Junkie: I am a makeup junkie but lip products are my main obsessions. What is about the lips that made you create a line solely for the lips?

Poppy: The lips are the most important feature on our body as through them we eat and breathe...it is also the gateway to our speech. I love the ultra female ritual of painting them and all the history and symbolism inherent in that practice.

MJ: I am in love with the whole concept of Lipstick Queen, the textures and formulations and gorgeous packaging. What were your inspirations when you created Lipstick Queen?

Poppy: Thank you. My inspirations for the packaging are Aubrey Beardsley, Frank Lloyd Wright, 70’s album covers, Erte and Grimms Fairy Tales.

MJ: I read that you started your first lipstick line, Poppy, when you were just out of high school. What do you wish you had known then that you know now and would you have done things differently?

Poppy: I try not to wish things had happened differently because I believe you learn from everything, especially mistakes. What I have learned since first starting in the lipstick business is that like any business, even lipsticks need a balance between keeping some rules and breaking others.

MJ: What lipsticks are always in rotation in your makeup bag?

Poppy: Red Sinner, Rose Sinner, Saint Pink, Oxymoron Minor Crisis and Silver Saint Shine.

MJ: What must-haves should every woman have from Lipstick Queen?

Poppy: Saint Natural, Red Sinner, Minor Crisis and Clear Sinner Shine is the perfect lip wardrobe.

MJ: Your book, Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, is about your journey through the business world as an entrepreneur. What is the most important tip you can give young women everywhere looking to start their own business?

Poppy: That nothing is insurmountable if you break it down into tiny little pieces. My book does just that!

Thank you Poppy! Looking to dress up the lips in some of Fall's hottest trends? Why not try Saint Wine (sheer wine), Saint Red (sheer red), Wine Sinner (deep opaque wine), Red Sinner (opaque red).



Anonymous said...

Lipstick Queen is an amazing product and Poppy passion shows in the great quality of it!
I personally love Saint Red and Shine Gold.

Kacy said...

Would never be seen outside without my lippy. I sort of feel naked witout it. I have since changed shade after years and wish I had did this along time ago.