Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Beauty Trends: Nude Goes Glam With Three Custom Color Specialists

"Barely there" makeup can be viewed as "safe" or "boring", but this season nude has never looked so glam thanks to Three Custom's newest Watercolour for Cheeks Wallflower ($20.50 USD)!

This dewy, shimmering beige is a lovely neutral that is perfect for any look. Cheeks look perfectly sculpted and highlighted. The shade gives the face a natural bronzed hue which I thought was a great alternative to powder bronzers. The texture is dewy and creamy but never sticky. The formula is long-wearing and lasts all day (especially with a light dusting of translucent powder). Compact and convenient to carry anywhere with you. Not interested in carrying tons of products with you? Well, Wallflower doubles as a lip stain and is THE perfect nude. It doesn't look chalky and has a pink undertone so your lips avoid the "dead" look. Doesn't dry out the lips and looks fabulous paired with smokey eyes. For a glossy finish, swipe a clear gloss over top.

Get the Look:

FACE: Start with a flawless canvas. Use Three Custom Color Specialists’ Crème Concealer-Foundation to erase the little imperfections. Set with Translucent powder.
EYES: Begin your smokey eye with Warm Black Eye Shadow. Focus on the outer and inner corners and buff upwards (and outwards on the outer corners) with Cool Brown Sugar Eye Shadow to soften and create a smokey gradation. Wet a Pointed Eye Liner Brush and line the bottom lashes with Warm Black Shadow. Once dry, gently buff out to soften. To create the shimmering accent that is the center point of this look, wet a Lip or Concealer Brush and apply Bronze Eye Shadow, focusing on the center of the lid. Add several coats of Black Mascara, focusing on the outer, upper lashes.
BROWS: Keep them soft and groomed. If you don’t need to fill in, use Clear Brow Gel and with
the length of your finger, flatten the hairs. If you need filling in, use the appropriate brow powder
before the Clear Brow Gel.
CHEEKS: For a sexy, yet subtle wash of color, dab Wallflower Watercolours for Cheeks with the
fingertips to the high points of the cheeks.
LIPS: Use Wallflower generously on the lips for a lustrous nude glaze.

What do you think of this look? Have you tried Wallflower? Love it? Hate it?

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